2015 FINAL A&O Factor

October 19, 2016
RMA has determined the final A&O factor for 2015 at 75.19%. QBE NAU was estimating the 2015 A&O factor at 74.5%. We will input the final factor in our system today and adjust agent commissions accordingly.

2016 A&O Factor Update

December 21, 2016

As you are probably aware, RMA determines the final industry factor for the 2016 A&O in October 2017. We utilize this information to determine agent commissions. The factor changes monthly until that date. The December accounting report reflected industry uncapped A&O of $1,608,091,112 and the statutory cap of $1,283,432,191. The factor is developed from these numbers and is currently at 79.8109% ($1,283,432,191 / $1,608,091,112). The number is changing as more industry wide premiums are processed and/or adjusted for the 2016 year.

In 2016, we are currently paying commissions at 77.0.

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