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Almond Freeze

Insure 4th leaf almonds with Almond Freeze insurance protection.

Almond FreezeDon’t miss your opportunity to protect your 4th leaf almonds against the unavoidable loss of production resulting from freeze, with the exclusive Almond Freeze insurance plan offered only through NAU Country. The Almond Freeze insurance plan will cover damage to the almond caused by subfreezing temperatures (30° and/or colder), which result in physical damage or death to the almond bloom or nutlet. Damage must occur at the onset of bloom or thereafter.

Important dates to remember!

This policy provides annual coverage. You must submit a new application each year to obtain coverage. The Sales Closing Date (SCD) is December 31, each year. All applications must be received on or before January 15. Insurance will not attach and become effective until fifteen (15) days after acceptance of a properly completed application, as well as the 4th leaf almond acreage passing NAU Country’s pre-acceptance inspection.

Coverage will terminate at 12:01 a.m. PST on June 1, immediately following the date of the application.  

How does it work?

  • All acreage of 4th leaf almonds in the county selected must be insured.
  • The leaf year is determined by the year the almond trees were first set out. For almonds set out after July 1, the year set out will be the following calendar year. Example: Almonds were set out on October of 2016. The first leaf year would be 2017 and the 4th leaf year would be the 2020 crop year.
  • All 4th leaf almond acreage is subject to our inspection and consent for insurability. In order to complete our inspection, a map of all line items of the 4th leaf almonds in the county must be submitted during the application process.
  • The policy offers coverage levels from 50% - 75%, in 5% increments.
  • The almond price used to determine liability will be set annually and will follow the prices established each year by the Risk Management Agency (RMA) and FCIC.
  • Coverage is based off of 4th leaf county yields that NAU Country has set.
Counties Yields 
 Fresno, Kings, Kern, Madera, Tulare  1,400 lbs.
 Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus  1,150 lbs.
 Colusa, Butte, Glenn, Solano, Sutter, Yolo  1,000 lbs.


How are loss payments determined?

Indemnities will be calculated based on the total appraised production after June drop^ or total actual production after harvest, whichever is higher for the insurable unit/line item. The higher of the appraised or harvested production will be subtracted from the county freeze guarantee, and multiplied by the percent of price elected and share for the insured unit/line item.

^June drop generally occurs around 6-7 weeks after bloom and consists of nuts that have been fertilized and dropped because of resource completion.

Contact your local NAU Country agent or call 800.575.8797 to find out more!

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