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Got Chocolate Milk Coverage?

You are in for a treat! ChocolateMilk_webAprilFools

Some new exciting news from the field! You will love our sweet new supplemental coverage now applying to Chocolate Milk! Chocolate Milk Revenue Protection (CMRP) is the latest and most satisfying program for our dairy farmers.

Contact NAU Country about Chocolate Milk Revenue Protection (CMRP) today!


CMRP focuses on the brown cow. Those cocoa colored bovines that have a sweet temperament and produce rich chocolate milk. Gather your herd and tell them about this new program that will really mooove them!


CMRP is only available on APRIL 1, 2019.  



But seriously, learn more about Dairy Revenue Protection!

Check out our NAU Country Dairy Revenue Protection web page! Located on the site are high level details on the product, our DRP PowerPoint, recorded DRP webinars, links to RMA’s informational DRP pages, and an updated document of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We are proud to offer this to our dairy farmers!


(Disclaimer: No cows were harmed or even disappointed in this April Fools joke) 


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