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RMA Update: Extending COVID-19 Relief

As a continued response to COVID-19, the RMA has released MGR-20-026. This bulletin supplements the earlier relief authorized by the following Manager’s Bulletins: MGR-20-005, MGR-20-008, MGR-20-009, and MGR-20-013. Below are some areas that the bulletin affects. 

MGR-20-026: Extending COVID-19 ReliefRMA announces date changes due to COVID-19

    Read the full Manager's Bulletin HERE.

    • Electronic Notification and Signature relief for Sales Closing (SCD), Production Reporting (PRD), and Acreage Reporting (ARD) Deadlines
    • Producer Submission Deadlines for Written Agreement Requests
    • AIP Submission Deadlines for Written Agreement Requests
    • Producer Signature Deadline for Written Agreement Offers
    • Organic Relief
    • Replant Self Certification    
    • Assignment of Indemnity

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