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American Association of Crop Insurers (AACI) Newsletter - October 19, 2020

American Association of Crop Insurers (AACI) Newsletter

Keep informed on the latest AACI updates in their weekly newsletter. Note: AACI content can only be accessed through the Agent Portal. Click on the link to login, and view the AACI Newsletter PDF.

Click here to read the October 19, 2020, AACI Newsletter including:

  • General updates on what is happening in congress
  • Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) 1 and 2 - updates on distribution
  • COVID Relief updates and negotiations on a potential COVID-19 stimulus package
  • American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) reviews state-level farm economies
  • ARC/PLC sign up for 2021 opens
  • $1.68B to be paid through CRP
  • AACI Q3 Report

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