IT Product Updates

Welcome to NAU Country’s IT Product Updates! NAU Country strives for quality, efficiency, and advancement. Our IT Product Updates page keeps you informed on our latest system enhancements.

2019 Releases

  • February 7 Release 
    Document changes GALORE! Learn how to print a new "Partial" Actual Production History (APH) Database form, check out the new document option available on the MPCI Application and Change form, and view display changes on Nursery and Crop-Hail forms. We have some time-saving enhancements for Nursery processing and report filtering. Find out more! Release Number 19.03
  • January 24 Release 
    NAU Country mobile now offers Native Sod quoting! In addition, we have added edits to our SBI entry for BFR Verified policies, enhancements to our policy search windows, updates to our document Summary of Coverage page, and we have included the California Fraud Statement to all our Hail and Named Peril documents. Find out more! Release Number 19.02
  • January 10 Release 
    To kick the new year off we have some MPCI and Hail Document updates and Reporting enhancements. Check them out today! Release Number 19.01

2018 Releases

  • December 20 Release
    Check out our new Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Product Comparison Review in EASYquote®, along with the ability to now factor in the PMP discount on Crop-Hail, RMA updates, WFRP Report updates, and so much more. Learn more here! Release Number 18.24
  • December 6 Release
    Sugar beet conversion of measurement, QuickRIVIr enhancements, agent access to claim detail, Livestock and Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) document updates, and Acreage Reporting filters by coverages. Learn more here! Release Number 18.23
  • November 20 Release
    Check out our new EASYwriter Pro® Main Dashboard, Multi-Year functionality, and Navigation! Make sure to sign up for a training today! In addition, new policy contact information to assist in the ease of processing, Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet and Schedule of Insurance document updates, EASYquote® Mutiple Country Enterprise Unit enhancements, and much much more. Learn more here! Release Number 18.22
  • November 1 Release
    Training Certificates are now easier to view, updates made to reports like the Revenue Loss Estimator and Report of Certified Acres, and a new document option within Batch Print Manager. Learn more here! Release Number 18.21
  • October 18 Release
    The Report Center has been updated with a new Assignment of Indemnity report, updates applied to PRF coverage options, and a new document option for the Hail Schedule of Insurance (SOI). Find out more! Release Number 18.20
  • October 4 Release
    New Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) processing within EASYwriter Pro®! RMA 2019 Whole Farm Revenue Protection updates, new document changes for the Schedule of Insurance, NAU Country mobile's Notice of Inspection and so much more! Release Number 18.19
  • September 20 Release
    Field Insights™ policy search updates, EASYquote ® Estimated Rainfall report, the new Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PAW), Acreage Report enhancements, and so much more! Release Number 18.18
  • September 6 Release
    Field Insights™ prospect mode, updates to Rainfall Index documents, the ability to calculate APH databases on a Temporary policy, and NAU Country mobile updates including acreage reporting support on unmapped MPCI policies. Find out more! Release Number 18.17
  • August 24 Release
    New NAU Country mobile login features, Hail Probability enhancements, Field Insights support for Potatoes and Peanuts, EASYquote® Guarantee per Acre addition under "Crop Totals and Averages", Document Option updates, and so much more. Release Number 18.16
  • August 2 Release
    Base Price Modifier (BPM) updates for Optional Units, NAU Country Mobile enhancement, document changes, SCO updates, and much more. Learn more now! Release Number 18.15
  • July 19 Release
    Accounting changes to the Statement of Accounts and Monthly Billing Notifications. Report updates for Companion Policies and the MPCI Units and Practices report. Also, new Coverage of Summary printing options on the Whole Farm Full Farm report in EASYquote. Check out these updates today! Release Number 18.14
  • June 28 Release
    Self-Service Agency Financial Account Viewer, Field Insights™ allows sharing of acreage reporting data, EASYquote® Enhancements, Farm Name changes, report updates, and so much more. Check out these updates today! Release Number 18.13
  • June 14 Release
    Livestock policy processing is now available in EASYwriter Pro®! We also have updates on system and form sort orders for easier processing, EASYquote® updates, and ACRSI enhancements. Check them out today! Release Number 18.12
  • May 31 Release
    Many new document updates for Rainfall Index, Whole Farm Revenue Protection, and the EASYmapping® Farm Management book. We have also added Native Sod to our EASYquote® system and enhanced our Quick Unit feature for PRF. We continue to update our Report Center with your older reports for ease of processing and location consistency. All this and so much more! Release Number 18.11
  • May 17 Release
    New NAU Country public website, Redesigned Farmer Portal with training opportunities, Precision Farming Cloud Access, Peanut Revenue products, RYAF changes for 2018, document DRAFT updates, and so much more. Release Number 18.10
  • May 3 Release
    Notice of Loss (NOL) note display in NAU Country mobile, Prevented Planting +10 references removed on Acreage Reports, and more! Release Number 18.09
  • April 19 Release
    Exciting new updates including APH database enhancements, Crop-Hail improvements, and PRF report changes to now include the daily rainfall index. Release Number 18.08
  • April 5 Release
    New Crop-Hail updates to EASYquote®, mapped field warning message when acreage crosses multiple section lines, and the addition of a Crop-Hail Estimated Acres Indicator. Release Number 18.07
  • March 22 Release
    Hail season is around the corner, but we have you covered. We have improved our Hail Probability Report to better serve your needs! In addition, we have updated our Claim Manager and added functionality to help with keying efficiencies for nursery, locations, and Quick Units. Release Number 18.06
  • March 8 Release
    Report Center updates, EASYquote® Crop-Hail display enhancements, Simple Average Calculation icon, document changes, and so much more. Release Number 18.05
  • February 22 Release
    New updates to Field Insights™, NAU Country mobile increased activity logout timeframes, new document options for Hail Premium Advice, and the Production Type addition for Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI) policies in the Actual Production History (APH) grid. Check them out today! Release Number 18.04
  • February 8 Release
    New Document Option update for the PIVR, modifications for Enterprise Unit by Practice (EP) to allow different Unit Options, updates to EASYquote's Batch Estimates and so much more. Release Number 18.03