IT Product Updates

Welcome to NAU Country’s IT Product Updates! NAU Country strives for quality, efficiency, and advancement. Our IT Product Updates page keeps you informed on our latest system enhancements.

2019 Releases

  • October 3 Release
    Notice of Loss (NOL) and profile information updates in Farmer Portal, Notice of Loss (NOL) wording consistency, EASYmapping® improvements, new unisurable code added within the EASYsuite system, new and updated reports, RMA updates, MPCI Application and Application Change form new question, and dry pea and dry bean validation. Release Number 19.19
  • September 19 Release
    New Companion Policy Notice of Loss (NOL), 2020 Whole Farm Revenue Production options, new validation when entering coverage for citrus fruit, EASYmapping® Generate View document updates, new Document Option for Rainfall, flexibility added to EASYquote® Premium Estimate Report, options added to the Dept Termination report, and RMA Acreage Type codes added to Acreage Reporting documents. Release Number 19.18
  • September 5 Release
    EASYmapping® improvements, Annual Forage Dual Use option updates, Conflict of Interest entity editing, Claims Manager folder name changes, new claims and compliance reports, No Longer Farming (NLF) unit mass updates, new automated email notifications, wheat by winter and spring can now be created in EASYhail®, batch printing for mailing labels export, and additional production type codes can now be keyed within the APH database. Release Number 19.17
  • August 22 Release
    Many fantastic enhancements made to NAU Country mobile (including Driving Directions to farmer’s fields), reports, EASYwriter® Pro documents, download Actual Production History on units with Area Plans in EASYquote®, EASYmapping® Producer’s Pre-Acceptance Worksheet updates, and Account Linking now possible in Farmer Portal. Release Number 19.16
  • August 1 Release
    Check out the many updates in this release! 2020 Transfer of Coverage and Right to an Indemnity document update, EASYquote® reports enhancement, premium credit for Margin Protection is now available for display in EASYquote, EASYwriter Pro® will now store the Revenue Loss Estimator & Production Report as a document of record, Whole Farm Revenue Protection enhancements, a new Scenario detail is now available in the Farmer Portal, NAU Country Supplemental Application updates, and new NAU Country mobile policy updates. Release Number 19.15
  • July 19 Release 
    DRP updates for BRF in EASYquote®, RMA updates to Margin Protection and Texas citrus, and Rainfall Index document changes. Release Number 19.14
  • June 27 Release 
    New implementation of Veteran Farmer/Rancher, Northern Potato processing validations, Multiple County Enterprise Unit (MCEU) display updates in EASYquote®, insured label printing enhancements, updates to agent reports, and so much more! Release Number 19.13
  • June 13 Release 
    2020 RMA updates galore for Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM), and Annual Forage (AF). New implementation on Hybrid Vegetable Seed in EASYwriter Pro and Vertically Integrated Producer Certification forms. And enhancements to our PRF Potential Indemnity Report, DRP Coverage Windows, Crop-Hail Reports, and NAU Country mobile app. Plus, much more! Release Number 19.12
  • May 30 Release 
    User-friendly updates galore! We have added the ability to select EASYquote® from our Crop-Hail and Named Peril policy editors to help eliminate extra processing steps. New warning messages were added on Multi-County Enterprise Units (MCEU) and Whole Farm Revenue Qualifying Commodity Counts. In addition, we added a rate display for Livestock in the Coverage Editor and also did some updates for potato processing. That is not all, enhancements on documents and Precision Farming cloud upload processing were also updates. Plus, much more! Release Number 19.11
  • May 16 Release 
    Applications for PRF and Annual Forage are now separate! Check out our new document changes including the MCEU Grid updates to the EASYmapping SOI, and PLC, STAX, ARC, and CR additions to the acreage reports. We have even added a confirmation of change form for Standalone and EASYhail. Plus, much more! Release Number 19.10
  • May 2 Release 
    The NEW EASYmapping® system is now available! Make sure to sign up for a training today. In addition, we have some new EASYquote®, Master Unit, Nursery, and Document Option enhancements. Our CAT fees for the 2020 Reinsurance Year have been updated per the Agricultural Act of 2018, as well. Read more! Release Number 19.09
  • April 25 Release 
    We have some new updates to companion policy viewing and linking of EASYhail policies. Our agents can now key in active hail policies with permission's granted. Also, changes to documents, hybrid seed corn processing and more! Check it all out today!  Release Number 19.08
  • April 4 Release 
    Check out our new Notice of Loss (NOL) look and feel, you'll love the simplicity and consistency between systems. In addition, watch for our new filters in Batch Printing, new columns within the Acreage/APH grid, and new additions to our documents. Plus, to make things easier for our farmers, we have added important dates fields into our Farmer Portal, so it can be a "one-stop-shop" for information. Check it all out today! Release Number 19.07
  • March 21 Release 
    Access Revenue Prices and Grain Futures from your phone, with NAU Country mobile! Check out our new Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) tool that will allow you to import DRP quotes into your policy during an open sales period. We have also added a new pre-populated DRP Quarterly Coverage Endorsement form! New processing functionality has been added for Multi-County Enterprise Unit Acreage Reporting, as well! Plus, many more enhancements. Release Number 19.06
  • March 7 Release 
    We are thrilled to announce our Mobile Production Reporting! In addition, we now have an EASYhail application, document enhancements, EASYquote® updates, and so much more.  Release Number 19.05
  • February 21 Release 
    Gain the competitive advantage with our Insured Hail Notifications! Assist your insureds in getting signed up today. In addition, check out our NAU Country Precision Farming Self Help site, numerous changes to WFRP, Margin Protection, Master Yields, and documents. This release is packed full of enhancements. Check them out! Release Number 19.04
  • February 7 Release 
    Document changes GALORE! Learn how to print a new "Partial" Actual Production History (APH) Database form, check out the new document option available on the MPCI Application and Change form, and view display changes on Nursery and Crop-Hail forms. We have some time-saving enhancements for Nursery processing and report filtering. Find out more! Release Number 19.03
  • January 24 Release 
    NAU Country mobile now offers Native Sod quoting! In addition, we have added edits to our SBI entry for BFR Verified policies, enhancements to our policy search windows, updates to our document Summary of Coverage page, and we have included the California Fraud Statement to all our Hail and Named Peril documents. Find out more! Release Number 19.02
  • January 10 Release 
    To kick the new year off we have some MPCI and Hail Document updates and Reporting enhancements. Check them out today! Release Number 19.01

2018 Releases

  • December 20 Release
    Check out our new Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Product Comparison Review in EASYquote®, along with the ability to now factor in the PMP discount on Crop-Hail, RMA updates, WFRP Report updates, and so much more. Learn more here! Release Number 18.24
  • December 6 Release
    Sugar beet conversion of measurement, QuickRIVIr enhancements, agent access to claim detail, Livestock and Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) document updates, and Acreage Reporting filters by coverages. Learn more here! Release Number 18.23
  • November 20 Release
    Check out our new EASYwriter Pro® Main Dashboard, Multi-Year functionality, and Navigation! Make sure to sign up for a training today! In addition, new policy contact information to assist in the ease of processing, Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet and Schedule of Insurance document updates, EASYquote® Mutiple Country Enterprise Unit enhancements, and much much more. Learn more here! Release Number 18.22
  • November 1 Release
    Training Certificates are now easier to view, updates made to reports like the Revenue Loss Estimator and Report of Certified Acres, and a new document option within Batch Print Manager. Learn more here! Release Number 18.21
  • October 18 Release
    The Report Center has been updated with a new Assignment of Indemnity report, updates applied to PRF coverage options, and a new document option for the Hail Schedule of Insurance (SOI). Find out more! Release Number 18.20
  • October 4 Release
    New Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) processing within EASYwriter Pro®! RMA 2019 Whole Farm Revenue Protection updates, new document changes for the Schedule of Insurance, NAU Country mobile's Notice of Inspection and so much more! Release Number 18.19
  • September 20 Release
    Field Insights™ policy search updates, EASYquote ® Estimated Rainfall report, the new Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PAW), Acreage Report enhancements, and so much more! Release Number 18.18