IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - April 19 Release

MPCI Coverages report enhancement

A new filter has been added to the MPCI Coverages report in the Report Center to allow you to filter by Active Policies with Temporary Coverage(s). To select this filter, the user will select the "Yes" option for "Is Temporary", which is located at the bottom of the Report Parameters window.

Improved PRF Potential Indemnity report and PRF Estimated Rainfall report

The daily estimated rainfall index has been added to the reports above.

2019 Nursery provision updates

RMA recently made a change for nursery allowing Basic Units (BU) for non-contiguous land at a higher premium rate. The "BL" option has been added to our Coverage Properties to notate this designation.

New Producer availability on Base Price Modifier (BPM)

BPM has been updated for 2018 to allow a New Producer status on row crops. Please note: This does not apply to California tree nuts.

Actual Production History (APH) database improvements

The APH database section in the Policy Editor has been updated with the following changes:

  • The APH database has been expanded to allow users to see more columns and less scroll bars. The expansion is based on the user's monitor size.

  • When users are adding new history to the APH database, if they add "0" in the acres column, the type will automatically update to a "Z" type, rather than an "A".

  • When users add a new database and the new unit does not have production or acres entered in the most recent crop year, EWP will no longer require users to re-add that year into the database to key "0" acres as it is now retaining that year.  Before this enhancement, the database would update,  clearing out the most recent crop year and the user would have to add it back to the database to get the approved yield to calculate.

  • All the columns in the APH database will now have the data right justified for easier readability.

Crop-Hail Schedule of Insurance (SOI) display updates for Personalized Production Hail

For Crop-Hail Personalized Production (CHPP), the Crop-Hail SOI has been updated to reflect the following:

  • If the Maximum yield is lower than the CHPP Modified yield, then the SOI prints with the capped Maximum amount with a 'c' after it. 

  • If the Maximum yield is higher than the CHPP Modified yield, then the SOI prints using the CHPP Modified amount without a 'c' after it.

NAU Country mobile app Crop-Hail descriptors

The Crop-Hail Endorsement descriptors will now show an abbreviation for the applicable hail endorsement instead of number, within the NAU Country mobile app.

Standalone Crop-Hail "Starter Line"

This enhancement provides the ability to copy Multi-Peril (MP) lines over to supported standalone hail as "starter lines". If no lines exist on a supported standalone hail policy, you have the option to select and copy MP lines. Starter lines are created in the Hail Policy Editor based on user selected lines to copy from the MP policy. Starter lines will copy over Line, County, Township/Range, Section, Quarter, Land Description, FSN, Tract, Crop and Type. You will be required to enter Form, Endorsement if applicable, Acres, Share% (if applicable), and $/Acre before you can continue.

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