IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - April 25 Release

Key in an active hail policy

The ability for our agents to key in active hail policies is now a reality! This new feature allows for agents to key in policies, commit and activate the policy, and print their hail documents. This feature is only available to select agents. If you are interested in learning more, please speak to your Marketing Representative.

View Companion Policies with ease

In EASYwriter Pro®, you can now view and verify information from one companion policy to the other. Simply, open the Policy Editor for one of the companion policies. In the Policy Details section under Related Policies, you will see a listing titled Companion. This will display the companion policy as a link. When the link is clicked, the companion policy will open in a new tab. If there is more than one companion policy, the link will list the number of policies. When you click on the link, a pop-up box will open with the policy numbers and links.

EASYhail Checkbox for Companion Policies

We have added an EASYhail checkbox for companion policies to allow both agents and underwriters to link EASYhail policies for PMP discounts. This will only be available if the related MPCI policies are companion policies. In the MPCI Policy Editor - Companion Policies window, there will be checkbox available.

A report titled "EASYhail PMP Linked via Companion Policies" will display all policies that have EASYhail policies linked together. This can be found in the Report Center.

Hybrid Seed Company by policy

In EASYwriter Pro®, a function has been added in Policy Editor to allow users to apply the same Seed Company to all Hybrid Seed Corn units, if applicable. There is now a button located by the Seed Company field that when clicked will apply the Seed Company that was just selected to all of the Hybrid Seed Corn units in that same county. If the button is not clicked, the Seed Company must still be manually selected on each Hybrid Seed Corn unit.

Cotton STAX changes in NAU Country Mobile

Beginning in the 2019 crop year, cotton acreage enrolled in the ARC or PLC programs administered by FSA will be ineligible for STAX coverage. This change has been implemented in the NAU Country mobile acreage reporting. EASYwriter Pro was updated in the previous release.

EASYmapping® Full Page Acreage Report Book enhancements

  • Measurement Service, a substantive element, has been added as a label and column in the Acreage grid.
  • View Name has been restored to the mapped image pages.

Add Commodity on Annual Forage Acreage Report

We have updated the Annual Forage Acreage Report by adding an "AF Commodity by FTF (If Applicable)” text box and label.

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