IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - April 5 Release

EASYquote® Crop-Hail updates

It is our goal to make your Crop-Hail quoting season a seamless and stress free process. When creating a standalone Hail quote from your MPCI policy units, we have now added the ability to “Include Zero Acre Lines”. For more information on how this process works, check out the following Tips and Tricks.

Mapped fields crossing section lines

A warning message in Map Entry will now display notifying the user they may need to use the "USC Override" option for acreage that is crossing into multiple sections. This message was created due to units not qualifying for Enterprise Units (EU), since the acreage was only utilizing one section when crossing section lines. The Unit Structure Code (USC) Override is located in the Edit Unit section of the Policy Editor.

Estimated Acres Indicator on Crop-Hail Policies

We have added the ability to notate estimated acres on a standalone Crop-Hail policy. In the Policy Editor, there is now an "Estimated Acres" check box. This will allow the acres to still be reflected on the Hail Schedule of Insurance (SOI) and Hail Loss Worksheet, while not being billed. A new report, “Hail Estimated Acres”, has been created within the Report Center, to display policies that have this option checked.

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