IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - August 1 Release

2020 Transfer of Coverage and Right to an Indemnity document update

Per the Document and Supplemental Standards Handbook (DSSH), the Transfer of Coverage and Right to an Indemnity required statement has been updated to include "Due process/Ineligibility notification letters will be issued to both the transferee and transferor."

EASYquote® Reports enhancement

Functionality has been added to include Units when the "Highlight Quoted Level on Reports" in EASYquote Preferences is selected.

Margin Protection Premium Credit

The premium credit for Margin Protection is now available for display in EASYquote, if applicable.

Revenue Loss Estimator & Production Report document of record 

EASYwriter Pro® will now store the Revenue Loss Estimator & Production Report as a document of record in the Policy Document Manager for the applicable policy. The Revenue Loss Estimator can be accessed under the MPCI menu or in the Quick Links dropdown box on the Dashboard. Please Note: This document will not be listed as an option to generate within the Policy Document Manager or Batch Print Manager

Whole Farm Revenue Protection enhancements

The Whole Farm Operations window has now been enhanced to allow more user-friendly keying. In situations where the Intended Quantity, Intended Cost or Basis, or Intended Cost or Basis does not change, you can now use the new Copy button to copy those details to the Revised fields. In addition, you can also copy Revised fields to the Final fields. This is just assisting in simplifying your processing. The delete option in the window will also now allow you to delete multiple commodities at one time, if applicable. 

NAU Country mobile policy updates

In an effort to continue to bring you the best mobile functionality and policy management, we have added the following updates below:

  • To eliminate keying errors we have added a new edit to prevent the High Risk Land Exclusion (HR) option and High Risk Alternative Coverage Endorsement (HB) option from being selected on the same coverage. 
  • NAU Country has added a new View Scenario screen which displays crop Base Price, Harvest Price, and Trigger Yield.
    • Log into NAU Country mobile
    • Select a MPCI policy
    • Tap a Coverage 
    • Tap a Unit
    • Under the Actions section on the right side of the screen, select "View Scenario".
    • The Base Price, Harvest Price, and Trigger Yield will display.   

New Scenario detail in Farmer Portal

The Farmer Portal has added a new Scenario detail which displays crop Base Price, Harvest Price, and Trigger Yield.

  • Log into the Farmer Portal 
  • Select the "My Policies" icon
  • Choose your MPCI policy
  • Click on the "Acreage/APH" tab 
  • Select the "Scenario" link under the applicable unit 
  • The Base Price, Harvest Price, and Trigger Yield will display

NAU Country Supplemental Application updates

The BPM, BPM-CA, PM+, Replant, and Sugar Beet supplemental applications have been updated and simplified in the EASYwriter Pro, EASYquote, and online print versions. When prefilling the application, we will now only print a row for each County/Crop, plus a row for each County/Crop/Share %. The combo apps will now have their own signature page. Also, the OU Override for the BPM confirmation will now display OU Override more clearly.


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