IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - August 22 Release

NAU Country mobile keeps improving

We are happy to announce the following enhancements to our NAU Country mobile functionality:

  • Driving directions? NAU Country mobile will now provide directions directly to your farmer's fields! Access the NAU Country mobile Driving Directions Tips and Tricks or follow the easy step-by-step directions below for more details:
    • Log into NAU Country mobile.
    • Tap on a policyholder with a mapped policy.
    • Tap on the mapped policy.
    • In the Actions section, tap "Policy Map". 
    • If prompted, tap "Allow" when asked if you want to allow NAU Country to access your location while using the app. 
    • Tap on a field.
    • The field's details will appear in a pop-up screen. Tap the "Driving Directions" option.
    • The driving directions to the field will appear. 
  • NAU Country mobile will keep the default Insurance Year and Crop Year set to the current year on new MPCI, Hail, and Named Peril quotes when the current date is between January 1 and July 31. This will prevent the Insurance Year and Crop Year from defaulting prematurely and causing a warning message to appear that states rates are not yet available.
  • An editable Person Type field is now available on the NAU Country mobile for Hail, EASYhail, and Named Peril policies to gain consistency across lines of business and prevent a mismatch of Person Type on related policies.
  • Entering and updating production on a policy in ACR status can now be completed when the Production Reporting Date for at least one crop is in the future.
  • The entire Legal Description for fields will now display in the field details pop-up window on iOS devices. 

Download Actual Production History (APH) on units with Area Plans in EASYquote® 

An EASYquote update to ensure that the APH database displays on units when an area plan correct information when a plan (01, 02, or 03), and the 10 Year APH checkbox is marked has been added. 

EASYmapping® Producer's Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PPAW) legal display

Field Number and Farm Tract FSA (FTF) will now display and print on EASYmapping Producer's Pre-Acceptance Worksheet as it is displayed in the system. 

EASYwriter Pro® Document enhancements

Several fanatic updates have been released to enhance your EASYwriter Pro documents and document print options. 

  • Documents that include a cover page will now display the insured's middle initial, if it is keyed into the system.
  • The Application/Transfer/Change/Cancel Forms with more than two signers will now display and print on an additional Authorized to Sign page. 
  • When printing the EASYmapping Farm Management Book you can now exclude the Field Report page by selecting a new “Exclude Field Report” checkbox found in Document Options. Whenever the EASYmapping Farm Book is created for preview or print in EASYwriter Pro this will be available. Please note, this option was not added to the Agent Portal but you can request that the Field Report page not print with your EASYmapping Farm Management Book by putting a comment in the Special Shipping/Printing Requests for this order box.
  • The Forage Underwriting Report (FUR) will now include the ability to: 
    • Display and print County label and data, if keyed.
    • Print FTFs, if keyed in EASYmapping or Quick FTF.
    • Populate the Uninsurable with Reason Code NF for New Forage/Seeding. You will also be able to see or manually enter Uninsured Acres for acres with Reason Code of NF on the FUR.  

User-friendly report improvements

  • Report Center now offers more report parameters for the MPCI Policies Report that include County, Compliance District, Crop, Plan, Sales Closing Date (SCD), Policy, Acreage Report Date (ARD). 
  • The Prevented Plant Liability Report has been updated to include Legal information for each unit, including section numbers.

Account Linking in Farmer Portal

Your farmers are now able to link (and unlink) to other farmers and farmer operations through the Farmer Portal, which will give them access to the policies associated with the linked account. This will allow your farmers quicker and easier access to pertinent policies in one place and with only one login. For more information on how this can be done in Farmer Portal, click here to access Tips and Tricks

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