IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - August 24 Release

Touch IDNAU Country Login Simplification

New! Log into the NAU Country mobile app using your fingerprint or facial recognition (iPhoneX only). Please note: You must have your fingerprint set up in your Biometrics settings on your mobile device ahead of time.

To set this up, you must first make sure your Biometrics for fingerprint and/or facial recognition are set up in the Settings of your mobile device. This will include going through the process of capturing a fingerprint. Once that is complete, follow the steps below for an iPhone:

  • Click on the NAU Country mobile app icon
  • Enter in your username and password credentials and select "Log In"
  • If your biometrics are set up, you will receive a message asking if you would like to enable Touch ID login for these credentials. You can choose to "Enable", "Don't Enable", or "Don't Ask Again"
  • If you choose "Enable", the next time you open NAU Country mobile, it will automatically prompt you to Touch ID for "NAU Country"
  • Put your fingerprint on the button
  • The app will recognize your fingerprint and open

EASYquote® Totals and Summary section has added the Guarantee per Acre (UOM)

The Guarantee per Acre (UOM) for the base underlying MPCI policy on EASYquote reports has been added under the "Crop Totals and Averages" section. 

Hail Probability report enhancement 

We want to make it easy to provide superior customer service to your policyholders. To make things simple, we have added the policyholder's phone number to the Hail Probability report, so when you get the notification of probable hail on their land, you can call them right away! For more information on the Hail Probability report and how to sign up, click here.

Workflow enhancement to Coverage Properties screen

The field order within the Coverage Properties window was updated to allow for better workflow during the entry of new coverages. The “Crop” selection will now be made prior to the “Added County” selection.

Hail Batch Print now includes the option to print the MPCI Application/Change Form

The Hail Batch Printing has been updated so when the user checks the “Include Easy Hail” box and selects the document Application, they will have the ability to select “Use MPCI Application/Change for EASYhail” under the Document Options. When the user checks this box for EASYhail policies, the MPCI Application/Change form will generate.

Assignment of Indemnity new Document Options

When printing the Assignment of Indemnity, you will now have two new Document Options:

  • Print Crops:  when selected, the system will print all crops listed on policy.
  • Blank Pages:  when a number is entered, the system will print the selected number of page(s) so that you can manually enter data into the crop grid.

Production Type requirement

Beginning with the Crop Year 2019, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) production type is mandatory to be reported for yield years 2018 and forward for any actual yield. If the production type is not filled in, users will receive the following message, "Actual Production without a Production Type was found for APH year(s): XXXX. This must be corrected before committing the policy".

Primary Entity report

Our NAU Country agents now have access to the MPCI Primary Entity Report. This report will display your policies, policyholders, and entity type information. It can be accessed within EASYwriter Pro® by going into the Report Center and selecting the department "Agencies", then choosing the tab "MPCI". 

Field Insights™  adds Potatoes and Peanuts

The Field Insights' Growth Model will now support peanuts and potatoes. When working with either potato or peanut acreage, the user will now be asked to input the "Variety", where the initial supported crops asked for the "Maturity Rate". Please see the following supported varieties for each crop: 


  • Atlantic
  • C14-343
  • Desiree
  • King Edward
  • LT-1
  • Majestic
  • Maris Piper
  • Norchip
  • Red Lasoda
  • Russet Burbank
  • Shepody


  • Florunner
  • Florigiant
  • Valencia
  • Tamnut
  • Starr
  • MARC I
  • Agritech-127
  • Sunrunner
  • Southern Runner
  • Early Bunch
  • Georgia Green
  • Georgia-02C
  • Georgia-01R
  • C-99R

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