IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - August 3 Release

Base Price Modifier (BPM) Optional Unit (OU) Override now available

For 2018, BPM coverage can elect to have OU as the supplemental unit option while the underlying MPCI policy can be Basic Units (BU), Enterprise Units (EU), or Enterprise by Practice (EP). When the BPM has the OU override selected, the BPM claim will be paid based on each individual OU loss line (rather than the +/- calculations on all loss lines used for BU, EU, or EP).

NAU Country mobile "Tap-to-Call" and "Tap-to-Email"

We have added the ability to "Tap-to-call" and "Tap-to-email" in our mobile app. Now, simply click either the phone number or email address listed on the Policy Holder Information tab, and your phone will initiate either a call or new email.

Rainfall Index documents update

We have added a new Document Option called "Print AR Blank Lines" to the following documents:


  • Rainfall Index (RI) Standalone and Renewal Packet

This new Document Option will print a blank Acreage Report page to the end of the applicable document.

EASYhail acres will now roll from year to year

We have updated the rules behind EASYhail to now roll the EASYhail estimated acres from the previous crop year's actual acres. This will also include policyholders that have multiple coverages on the same crop. For example:

The policyholder has both Basic and DSX5 for their corn acres in 2018 and planted 150 acres, the 2019 EASYhail policy would rollover with two lines for corn at 150 acres for both Basic and DSX5.

APH Report enhancement

A new column has been added to the APH report which shows the "Average Yield per Acre". You will now find under the APH Database Summary Page (2nd page) a new column that shows the average yield for that unit.

Commission Statement update

Commission statements that are accessed via the Agent Portal now include page breaks between sub-agencies for all Lines of Business.

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) changes for 2019

Beginning with the 2019 crop year, RMA will provide policyholders with an option to reduce the liability of the SCO Endorsement by a percentage selected on or before the Sales Close Date (SCD). The election will be referred to as a "Coverage Percentage" and will be elected from a range of 50-100%, with the default value of 100%.

The liability will be multiplied by the Coverage Percentage when determining the guarantee and premium.

Schedule of Insurance (SOI) correction

When acres are reported as having Unintended Unavoidable Fire (UUF) or 3rd Party Damage, the acres are marked with a "K" acreage code on the applicable Acreage Report and are reported separately from non-damaged acres in the same unit. Both the EASYmapping SOI and regular SOI will now display the same "K" acreage code to better identify which acreage was damaged.

View Inspection List improvement

Two columns have been added to the View Inspection List which provide the assigned adjuster's phone number and email address.

Renewal Packet enhancements

Our Renewal Packet has been enhanced with new document options. Take a look below at what has changed:

  • "Include Acreage Reporting on the APH" is included with the APH Document Options

SBI statement change on your Application/Transfer/Change/Cancel Form

On your Application/Transfer/Change/Cancel Form, for Non-Plan 13 (Annual Forage, Apiculture, PRF) policies, the SBI statement has been changed to as follows:

"Policy contains more than 6 SBIs, print SSN/EIN Form to show entire list"

On the Application/Transfer/Change/Cancel Form, for Plan 13 (Annual Forage, Apiculture, PRF) policies, the SBI statement has been changed to as follows:

"Policy contains more than 5 SBIs, print SSN/EIN Form to shoe entire list"

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