IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - December 6 Release

Sugar Beet Unit of Measurement conversion

The EASYwriter Pro® has converted sugar beet Actual Production History (APH) databases from tons to pounds of raw sugar for those with a November 30 filing. Please note: For California policies, this will be done for 2020 Reinsurance Year.

Quick RIVIr enhancement

In the Quick RIVIr window, we have updated the Assigned Fields window to be expandable. This will allow for a user-friendly data processing when there are many fields on the policy. The grid contents within the Assigned Fields window can be exported to an Excel file by clicking on the "Export to Excel" button.

Claim Manager link update

Agents are now able to click the "Claim Number" link in Claim Manager to display claim detail.

Livestock Policy Editor additions

The Livestock Policy Editor had the Power of Attorney and Authorized to Sign fields added for display and entry with the correct permissions. We have updated the Livestock documents to also display this information.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Schedule of Insurance enhancements

The DRP Schedule of Insurance has been updated with the following requirements:

  • Changed the Label from "Insured Value" to "Liability"
  • Added Expected Revenue Guarantee
  • Added Class Price Weighting Factor (CPWF)
  • Added A&O Subsidy

Filtering options on the Acreage Report

We have added a crop filter to the document print options for the Acreage Report to allow for the printing of specific crops on the document. This will appear in the Document Options section once the Acreage Report has been selected.

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