IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - February 21 Release

HailNotificationsFarmerPortal Insured Hail Notification Sign Up

Hail Notifications are available to your insureds! As a NAU Country agent, you can currently sign up to receive a hail notification when hail potentially hits your insureds’ fields. Now, this same service is available to your insureds through our Insured Hail Notifications. This service sends out an email notification to your insured if the probability of hail greater than .5” is detected within a buffered radius of one mile around each field or section (for unmapped or non-EASYhail) that exists on their policy. The email will contain their policy number, county and crops potentially affected, and will provide a link to their policy within EASYview Weather. The EASYview Weather system will open on the policy and hail event in question for further analysis and exploration. This notification gives them the opportunity to review the notification, check on the potential damage, and contact you in the case of a loss.

Click here to access the Tips and Tricks and Quick Reference Guide.

Precision Farming Self Help

Check out our Agent and Farmer Precision Farming Self Help site. Learn more on the NAU Country Precision Farming Dashboard, reporting process, and prerequisites. In addition, access quick reference guides on John Deere and Climate FieldView systems. The Precision Farming Self Help site can be found by clicking on the "HELP" icon at the top right-side of the Precision Farming window. 

Prominent Crop Year display

Now that EASYwriter Pro® offers multi-year functionality, there has been some confusion around what processing year you are working in. To make the system more user-friendly, we have now added the Crop Year display to the Policy Number tabs and to the Print Batch Manager window.

Agency Dashboard Missing Acreage report

The Reports in the Key Activities quadrant will now display all results for the Sales Closing Date that is selected. Previously, the reports would display results by due date within 30 days of running the report. The Dates drop-down will have a new label (SCD) that informs the user that the dates to be filtered are Sales Closing Dates. 

There has also been "Print" and "Save" functions added to the report results.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) Commodity Notes

The Whole Farm Operations section within EASYwriter Pro now has a place to distinguish varieties for commodity with the same name (ex. Cut Flowers, Vegetables, etc.). These commodity varieties can now be entered into a new field called Commodity Notes. A "Show/Hide Commodity Notes" button has been added in the menu bar to accommodate this request.

  • Commodity Notes (Hide) is the default, meaning the column is hidden upon the window loading.
  • Commodity Notes (Show) when selected will open a column to the right of Rate Code called Commodity Notes. This column will remain on the screen interface when the user scrolls to the right.

The Commodity Notes column offers the ability to key and edit notes, key and view notes wider than the column, and see the entire Commodity Note using hover.

Automatic Master Yield unit update

Similar to Personal T-Yield (PTY) units, Master Yield units will be automatically updated by the system (with the exception of sugar beets) when the individual child unit's current year production, acres, or yield are updated. The Master Yield unit's current year production, acres, and yield will be disabled since the system is automatically rolling up the child values to the Master.

Underwriters will continue to have access to the Master Yield unit back years for updates.

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) verbiage update

The DRP Coverage and Policy Editor windows have updated the field Class Price Weighting Factor to Class III %.

Margin Protection (MP) updates

We have updated agent permissions, so that you are now able to report current year production for standalone Margin Protection policies. There were also updates to the Margin Protection indemnity calculations to match RMA changes released on 2/13/2019.

Crop Rotation (CR) additions to Map Entry and documents

In Map Entry, when the acres are keyed for Canola, another column displays next to the CR column and is labeled Verified Not CR with a checkbox. In addition, a CR label and checkbox have been added to the following documents:

  • Acreage Report
  • Renewal Packet – Acreage Report
  • Preliminary Acreage Report
  • EASYmapping Production/Acreage Report book

Note - MN and ND: The system prints “*CR” label and checkboxes in the SCO, ARC, and Opt Out column. The following statement prints below the grid: *CR=Crop Rotation (canola only).

Agent Livestock reports additional columns

In EASYwriter Pro, the Livestock Polices – Agent report has been been updated to include the following fields:

  • Premium
  • Subsidy
  • Producer Premium
  • Declared milk (for DRP Policies)
  • Agent Name

This report can be found in the Report Center, by selecting the department "Agencies", then the "Livestock" tab, and then the Livestock Policies – Agent report. 

Policy Confirmation update

An agent request to display the full status on the Agent Policy Confirmation and Application and Insured Policy Confirmation has been completed. We have reduced the font size of the data that prints in the Status column to accommodate the request. Ex. "Cancelled – 3 Years Zero Acres” will display/print in its entirety (meaning "Cancelled" is no longer abbreviated to "Can").

Added County EASYhail message

We have added a popup message when a county is added to a MPCI policy and there is EASYhail coverage attached. The message will say, “EASYhail exists on the policy. Please review to add coverage for subsequent county.”

Continuous Bundle policy

There is now an option available to make Bundle policies continuous. When this option is selected, the EASYhail Bundle and Stand-alone Bundle policies will be continuous and the Bundle discount will carry forward.

BPM Sugar Beet price election updates

Updated BPM sugar beets price elections for 2019 based on the raw sugar LBS. The BPM product is now available for quoting on sugar beets in 2019.

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