IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - February 7 Release

EASYquote® application update

To assist in making the application process as thorough as possible, we have now added a “Person Type” field in the Producer Contact Information window. This will allow the agent to key in complete information on a producer applying for MPCI, Crop-Hail, or Supplemental crop insurance through EASYquote.

Making reports more user-friendly!

The Report Center has added new filtering capabilities to many reports, per your request. You can now filter the following documents by “Agent”:

  • MPCI Coverages
  • MPCI Policies
  • MPCI All Policies
  • Written Agreement
  • Written Agreement Status
  • Written Agreement Verification
  • Yield Cup
  • MPCI Primary Entities

“Partial” Actual Production History (APH) Database form

New document filtering options have been implemented for the APH Database form. These print options allow users greater flexibility in determining what APH databases to print. When an APH Database form containing all units on the policy is not needed, there are new options within the Policy Editor (New Filtered APH Report), Policy Documents, Document Manager, and Batch Printing.

Users now have the option to print units individually, by crop, county, practice, share party, and more. For additional details on how these new options work please go to the Agent Help Library within the Agent Portal and open “Quick Reference Guide for New Print Options for APH Database Document".

Save time with Nursery processing

In the Policy Coverage window, when updating the Signature Date for Nursery there now is an option to apply the date to all Coverage lines. The Signature Date will no longer have to be manually entered for every line, which should save time when processing. The Signature Date for each Coverage line can still be overridden manually at any time, if necessary. This change applies in EASYwriter Pro® for 2019 and forward.

Document updates!

The Crop Hail, Grain Fire Application and Named Peril Application have added/changed content.

  • Crop Hail, Grain Fire Application: 
    • Added this statement: Do you want the Bundle Policy to be continuous?
  • Named Peril Application (For Replant Option):
    • Changed title to: Application, Supplemental Coverage - Replant Option
    • Added this statement: Do you want the Replant Policy to be continuous? Also, included yes/no check boxes
    • Added this statement: Not all options are available in all states
    • Added this statement: Subject to company approval
    • Changed grid column label from “Named Peril Insurance” to “Replant Option”
    • Added superscript to “Intended Acres” column header label
    • Removed Replant Option exclusion statement
    • Added Intended Acres superscript and statement to footer/legend

The following enhancements were done for the Nursery Documents:

  • Nursery Application Change Form:
    • Changed “Fieldgrown” to display/print on one line instead of wrapping to a second line
  • Nursery Application Supplement (NAPS):
    • Switched the Fieldgrown and Container plant type columns
    • Changed the order of Container and Fieldgrown plant types to be in alphabetical order (AN, BE, BS, CE, CS, etc.)
  • Peak Inventory Value Report (PEAK) and Plant Inventory Value Report (PIVR)
    • Changed the order of Container and Fieldgrown plant types to be in alphabetical order (AN, BE, BS, CE, CS, etc.)
    • (PIVR only) For Compliance reasons, statement #4 was updated to, "I have insured all insurable plants and plant types in each insured practice".

A new Document Option has been added for the MPCI Application/Transfer/Change/Cancel form.  The Document Option titled, “App Change Blank Pages” can now be selected with a text box to indicate you would like to add coverage to a policy. For example: when the App Change Form Document Option is selected and you enter in “3” for the Blank Pages box, the following result will occur. The system will print page 1 of the Application Change Form followed by three blank Application Change Form line pages. Header data will print on the blank pages. This change also applies to Renewal Packet.

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