IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - February 8 Release

Plant Inventory Value Report (PIVR)

When printing the PIVR, a new document option has been added allowing users to select “Blank Lines”. This functionality will add blank lines and a blank line page following the previous year’s lines.

Base Price Modifier (BPM) update

BPM policies attached to a MPCI policy will be rolled over from year to year in a temporary status. The policy will still require a new application, but the rollover will eliminate the need to re-key the policy from year to year.

Batch Estimates’ policy filter

EASYquote’s Batch Estimates window will now allow you to filter policies by Sales Closing Date (SCD) or Acreage Reporting Date (ARD). This will allow you to only print quotes for policies during the applicable crop season. In addition, for agents assigned to multiple agencies, the Batch Estimates window will now display an "Agency Look Up" feature to allow them to select policies for a specific agency. Batch Estimates can be found in EASYquote® under the Reports menu item.

Yield Cup addition to the EASYquote® APH Multi-Level Comparison report

The APH Multi-Level Comparison report in EASYquote added the Yield Cup (YC) option to the Report Options Editor.

Actual Production History (APH) grid lock on Compliance Reviews

Going forward, if a policy (APH) is under a Compliance Review, the APH database will be locked for editing. If a user clicks on the database to edit, they will receive a message stating, "APH locked due to active APH review on [crop/county]. Please contact Compliance". 

Modifications for Enterprise Unit by Practice (EP) to allow different Unit Options

In November 2017, the CCIP Basic Provisions were revised to allow a policyholder to select an Enterprise Unit for either Irrigated or Non-Irrigated practice and choose the most appropriate unit structure on the other practice, be it a separate Enterprise Unit, Optional Unit, or Basic Unit. For the 2018 Reinsurance Year crops with 11/30 Filing Date and after are considered for eligibility. Eligibility applies to additional coverage policies. The Unit Structure Code of "EP" will still be used to identify electing an EU by irrigation practice.  This functionality has been added to both EASYwriter Pro® and EASYquote®.

Within EASYwriter Pro, the Coverage Properties window now has a new icon next to the Unit Options when EP is elected. When the icon is selected, you can enter in the Unit Option for your Irrigated and/or Non-Irrigated practices. Once saved, the Coverages on the MPCI Policy Editor will have a green indicator next to the Unit Option, when you hover over this indicator, it will display the actual Unit Option selected for the practice. The reports will still display EP as the Unit Option for the coverage, but the individual unit will reflect the practice specific Unit Option.

In EASYquote, in the Unit Line Attributes window, if you change the Unit Option on an EP coverage, you will receive a message asking if you want to "apply changes to the selected coverage" (meaning both Irrigated and Non-Irrigated practices) or "apply changes to units with the practice indicated".

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