IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - January 25 Release

Agency Dashboard update

The claims quadrant from within the Agency Dashboard continues to get better, now with a new "Total" tab. The Total tab provides the total number of MPCI, Hail, and Named Peril claims for the applicable agency. This makes claim details for the applicable line of business and crop year, one click away.

New Notes Editor link

We have added a new link in the Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PAW) which brings the user to the Notes Editor. Simply click to either view or add a new note to the policy.

Whole Farm enhancement

Have a Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) policy with multiple expansions? The Whole Farm details user interface has been updated, giving you the ability to enter more than one expansion. In addition, the system will also calculate the Expansion Factor, Expanded Allowable Revenue, and Expenses when the expansion count is greater than one.

Whole Farm document options

A new document option has been added for the WFRP Renewal Packet and the WFRP Farm Operation Report. You now have the ability to print additional blank "Whole Farm Operation Rpt Pages".

Yield Cup (YC) report

Want to know what policies are affected by the RMA YC changes? We have added a report to show you what policies, down to the coverage and unit level are using the YC Approved Yield and have a Yield Limitation Code of (09) or (16). This report can be found in the Report Center under the "Underwriting" department in the "MPCI" category. Or you can do a simple search in the Report Center on Yield Cup.

Yield Cup (YC) updates

Our systems have been updated to allow you to do a "Yield Cup Opt Out" on a unit level. This can be done in EASYwriter Pro (EWP) within the Edit Unit window. The "YC Opt Out" will also display by unit on all Actual Production History (APH) documents. The APH documents will also include the "YC Opt Out" check box on the signature page. This same functionality is available in EASYquote within the Quote Line Attributes.

EASYquote Batch Estimate updates

EASYquote's Batch Estimates window has been updated to include more coverage level options. These include the options to select specific coverage levels or choose all, use only the current coverage level, or use the current coverage level plus the next level up and down. In addition to that change, when you select the Unit Structure Comparison quote, you can choose what Unit Structure Options to compare.

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