IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - July 19 Release

Beginning Farmer/Rancher (BFR) Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) EASYquote® enhancements

Our EASYquote system has been enhanced to now allow BFR on a DRP quote. The BFR option displays in the Quote Line Attributes screen. When BRF is selected, the system will automatically calculate the discount and BFR will be displayed on the reports.

2018 RMA updates to Margin Protection (MP) Indemnity

Margin Protection plan of insurance has revised the indemnity calculation effective for the 2018 crop year. The impact is limited to cases where there are multiple records for a single unit in the underlying crop insurance policy (i.e. Revenue Protection or Yield Protection), and one or more of those records have a negative indemnity. This does not impact standalone MP.

2020 Texas Citrus RMA changes

RMA has changed premium and indemnity calculations for Texas citrus trees allowing the Price Election percent to change. The EASYwriter Pro® and EASYquote have been updated with these changes.

Authority to Sign document updates for Rainfall Index Renewal Packet

The Renewal Packet for Rainfall Index, including Annual Forage, Apiculture, and PRF has been updated to include the Authorized to Sign grid for data entry, display, and printing.

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