IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - June 13 Release

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) display enhancements 

A new view only field has been added in the coverage properties window for DRP (Plan 83) coverages.  It will reflect the Class IV percentage value after the Class III value has been selected.

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) 2020 RMA updates

Updates to LRP per RMA changes:

Coverage for Feeder Cattle, Fed Cattle, and Swine are now available in all states.

The per head and annual head limits have been updated:

  • Fed Cattle and Feeder Cattle: 3,000 head per endorsement and 6,000 head annually
  • Swine: 20,000 per endorsement and 75,000 annually

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) 2020 RMA updates

Update to LGM coverages in the Livestock Policy Editor to remove the following limits:

  • LGM Cattle – Annual Head Limit of 5,000 per endorsement and 10,000 annually
  • LGM Dairy – Annual limit of 240,000 hundredweight of milk
  • LGM Swine – Annual Head Limit of 15,000 per endorsement and 30,000 annually

Annual Forage 2020 RMA updates

Added the dual use option code for Annual forage and removed the max productivity factor of 1.0 for CO and NM.

Hybrid Vegetable Seed (006) Implementation

EASYwriter Pro® is now able to process Hybrid Vegetable Seed, which is available in select OR and WA counties.

PRF Potential Indemnity Report enhancements

Losses on Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF), Apiculture, and Annual Forage policies occur when rainfall over a specific time frame, an Interval, in a specific geographic area in the United States – i.e., a Grid, is less than the average amount of rainfall for an Interval/Grid combination.

RMA publishes rainfall data and Interval Indices, the percentage of current rainfall compared to the average rainfall, for all Grids approximately 45 days after an Interval ends. When the Interval Index for an Interval/Grid combination is less than 100% (represented as 1.000 on the PRF Potential Indemnity Report), a loss was incurred.

The PRF Potential Indemnity Report was created to forecast losses on PRF, Apiculture, and Annual Forage policies in advance of RMA’s official publish date. This report has several parameters that can be used to focus the results set.  One of these parameters, the Interval Filter Dialog, allows the user to restrict policies to a selected Interval or Intervals. The Interval Filter Dialog, however, originally only showed Interval Codes for PRF policies where the policy type was “Grazing” (625-640). The Interval Filter Dialog did not show Intervals for PRF “Haying” policies or Annual Forage policies. To see these policies, the user must leave the Interval Filter Dialog blank.

In addition to changing the Interval Filter Dialog to ensure that Haying policies display on the PRF Potential Indemnity Report, we also:

  • removed Livestock Intervals (Codes 801-812, 901-912, and 997) from the Interval Filter Dialog
  • removed Caneberry Intervals (Codes 001, 002) from the Interval Filter Dialog
  • removed DRP Intervals (Codes 101-108) from the Interval Filter Dialog
  • will now return all policies that are insured during a selected time frame (Interval) when the report is run

Vertically Integrated Producer Certification form

When The Vertically Integrated Producer (VIP) Certification form has been added to EASYwriter Pro. 

For policies that have an existing coverage flagged as VIP, the new form will automatically generate with the following documents:

  • Acreage Report, EASYmapping Acreage Report, Renewal Packet, WFRP Renewal Packet and the WFRP Operation Report. 
  • Please note: It will not be included when Map Books are generated.

It can be generated as a standalone document for any policy as well. This can be done within the policy on commit, the Policy Document Manager, and Batch Printing, under Category <all documents> and Acreage Reporting. 

The document will reflect coverages flagged as VIP, but users have the option to include all crops from the policy by selecting the Document Option "Include all crops on VIP Certification Form".

Report enhancements on Crop-Hail

We have added a new filter of "Other Discounts" to the following reports to assist in finding policies with the Bundle:

  • EASYhail Coverages
  • Hail Coverages
  • Hail Policies by Agency

Companion Policy pop-up

Adjustments have been made to the notification pop-up for policies that have companion policies associated to the policy the user has endorsed and is committing. 

Prior to this change, EASYwriter Pro returned the pop-up for every companion endorsement that was committed. It will now be presented when EASYwriter Pro identifies a change has been made that impacts a unit including changes to APH, Acreage, Field acreage, or options tied to acreage.

NAU Country mobile app updates

The NAU Country mobile app will now display four active reinsurance years (2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016). Once a policy is rolled into 2020, the assigned years will change accordingly. You can now also access Policy Provisions and Policy Important Dates from the app!

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