IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - June 27 Release

Veteran Farmer/Rancher implementation

EASYwriter Pro® now supports Veteran Farmer/Rancher (VFR). Veteran Farmer/Rancher will be displayed in the Policy Editor under the Policy Details section. If a policy qualifies for VFR, the "Veteran Farmer/Rancher" will display on Insured and Agent Confirmation documents, as well as, the Schedule of Insurance forms. This feature is also available within EASYquote®.

To qualify for VFR:

  • You must have less than five years of production (similar to Beginning Farmer/Rancher); or
  • You must have less than five years of production from the date of discharge.
    • The insured is eligible for five crop years starting with the first full crop year after discharge.
  • VFR is only applicable on crops with a Sales Closing Date after December 20, 2018.

Northern Potato Quality Option validation

Northern Potato Quality Option validations have been added to EASYwriter Pro to alert the user when:

  • An acreage line does not have the Quality Option added, but it is selected on the coverage.
  • An acreage line does not qualify to have Quality Option applied, users can now select an exception by acreage.

Need to print insured labels?

In the Batch Print Manager, you may now generate a full page of labels for an insured, preview labels, and indicate on which label to begin printing. Follow these steps for easy printing:

  • Select "Documents" from the Menu in EASYwriter Pro, and choose "Batch Printing".
  • Select your Agency, if not already selected, and choose the "Add Policy" icon in the top menu.
  • All policies for the agency will display.
  • Highlight all policies, or select policies for label printing.
  • Select the "Create Labels/Covers" icon.
  • In the Print Mailing Sheets window, you will now have the option under Mailing Labels to Print, Preview, or Download the labels. You can also notate how many labels have already been used, and you can select the option to print a full sheet of just one insured.

Policies with Power of Attorney report addition

The Policies with Power of Attorney report can now be accessed by agents in EASYwriter Pro.

Livestock Policies - Agent report addition

We have added the "Applicant Agent" as a column in the Livestock Policies - Agent report.

EASYquote Multiple County Enterprise Unit (MCEU) display updates

When quoting a policy with Enterprise Units (EU) or Enterprise Units by Practice (EP), the EU acres for the Crop/County (and Practice, if applicable) and Other County Acres entered (if MCEU is applicable) used to calculate the EU discount factor will now be printed in a grid below the Crop Totals and Averages grid on the following reports:

  • Full Farm
  • Full Farm Product Summary
  • APH Multi-Level Comparison
  • PTY Multi-Level Comparison
  • Plan Comparison

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