IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - March 21 Release

Revenue_PricesRevenue_Grain_phoneCheck Grain Futures and Revenue Prices from your phone!

You can now access the Grain Futures and Revenue Prices from your NAU Country mobile app! Check it out! Agents will access this tool by using their "hamburger" menu option. Farmers will access by going under "Actions".

Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) enhancements

To help simplify DRP processing we have added the Quarterly Coverage Endorsement (QCE) form for DRP policies. This will help streamline the completion of the form during an open dairy sales period. The form is located in the Dairy Policy Editor within the Policy Information menu item. It is called QCE Form. This form will prepopulate endorsements that are within the open dairy sales period. It can be printed for agents and insureds to sign.

In addition, we also added the ability to import quote lines from a DRP quote into an existing DRP policy during an open dairy sales period. After endorsement lines have been added, select "Application" from the menu, and then select "Add Endorsement(s) to policy...". If you are in a policy quote, you will be directed to the policy, if you are in a prospective quote, you will be allowed to key in a policy to add the endorsements.

Both of these processes should assist in eliminating additional keying. A Tips and Tricks on this process will be coming out soon.

Multi-County Enterprise Unit (MCEU) Acreage Reporting

The MCEU Endorsement allows a policyholder to combine insured crop acreage of an insured crop, by irrigation practice if applicable, from two contiguous counties into one enterprise unit. To do so, you will utilize our MCEU Linkage tool.

Check out the Multi-County Enterprise Unit (MCEU) – Acreage Reporting User Guide for processing steps.

New Special Provision statement on PRF policies for grazed livestock in specific states 

We have added functionality to EASYwriter Pro® to ensure that policyholders have met the requirements of a new statement on the 2019+ Special Provisions for PRF policies in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah before receiving claim payments.

The new Special Provision states:

     “In addition to Section 3 (b) for the intended use of grazing, you must provide documentation in one of the last four   
     crop years that show you have grazed livestock in the state. Acceptable documentation is: Livestock inventories from
     within the state; Documents that show that you have bought/sold/own/breed/raised livestock in the state; or
     Documentation that shows you hauled livestock into the state to graze. The documentation that you provide must show
     ownership interest. If
natural causes require you to destock your livestock, records showing disposition are acceptable.
     For a beginning farmer or rancher, you must provide documentation for the current crop year that shows you have
     livestock in the state you intend to graze.”

In the PRF Policy Editor, we have added a section under Compliance titled, "Eligible to Graze As Of:". This can be updated by the underwriter when the documentation has been received. If the requirements have not been met, an error message stating, "PRF grazing year must exist or be within the last 4 years."

Updates to Landlord/Tenant entry

By request, we have updated the Edit SBI screen in EASYwriter Pro to allow for easier entry of Landlord/Tenant. 

  • The Landlord/Tenant column has been moved to the right of the Person Type column.
  • The Beginning Farmer/Rancher label has been renamed to "BFR".
  • The Beginning Farmer/Rancher Verified label has been renamed to "BFR Verified".

Document enhancements

We have added the Production Record Type label to the Forage Production Underwriting/Acreage/Production Report. If the Production Record Type has been keyed into EASYwriter Pro, it will print on the document.

"Revised" will now print on the Crop-Hail/Supplemental Schedule of Insurance when the hail policy has been revised.

Agent Livestock Report updates to display endorsement lines

Originally the Livestock Report for agents was grouping by type and practice. We had a request to change the report to have a line per endorsement. We also added the Endorsement #, Expected Milk Production per Cow and Expected Milk Price per CWT, and the Application Sign Date.

To access this report go to Report Center. Select the department "Agencies", and the tab "Livestock". The report is titled "Livestock Policies - Agent".

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