IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - March 7 Release

Production Reporting Keying APH Mobile Production Reporting

For years, NAU Country's mobile application has served our "agents on-the-go" with features like quoting, application submission, claim tracking, and even acreage reporting. Well now you can add production reporting to that list!

The NAU Country mobile application will give you the ability to report production, capture a signature, and submit the Actual Production History (APH) directly to EASYwriter Pro® all from the palm of your hand.

Find out more information and attend an on-line training or check out our Mobile Production Reporting Tips and Tricks .

EASYquote® updates

Corrections to EASYquote including the ability to print zero acre lines through Batch Printing, the ability to quote the Bundle Option with crop rotation, Trend Yield display issues on the TA APH Multi-Level Comparison quote, and corrections to the Full Farm screen and reports with Cotton STAX and SE.

Florida Fruit Trees

The four-year old Florida Fruit Trees density logic for Stage 1 has been updated from 270 to 215, per RMA updates.

Minimum Insurability

The minimum insurability validation has been modified to only run on crops with APH reported in the previous year. 

Pecan alert

A validation edit has been added in EASYwriter Pro (2019 and forward) for Pecan Revenue. This validation was added to verify if the Pecan Revenue database has a minimum of one year in which there was a minimum of 600 lbs/acre produced in the most recent four crop years. In order to apply this validation, a new field has been added to the APH Database for Pecan Revenue called Revenue Yld/Acre (lbs). The value in this field will be populated by the system (Acres x Rev Yld (lbs)). 

Please note that Rev Yld (lbs) is a manual entry made when updating the APH Database with production values.

CIMs 578 printing

Updated EASYwriter Pro with the ability to generate CIMS-578 reports for previous years, even if that policy was not written with NAU Country during that Crop Year.

Document enhancements

The Actual Production History (APH) Database has the following updates:

  • The document will now print for cancelled policies and each APH grid will contain a red "Canceled" label.
  • Longer Landlord/Tenant names will now display in full or wrap to the second line.
  • The system will display as much data as the space allows for units with more than one Landlord/Tenant.

The Schedule of Insurance - Marketable Guarantee has been corrected to not included Prevented Planting (PP) acres on the following documents:

  • Standard Schedule of Insurance
  • Preliminary
  • Renewal
  • EASYmapping®
  • NAU Country mobile Preliminary

The Farm Operation Report for Whole Farm Revenue Protection has the following updates:

  • Renamed the Intended column “Percent Produced to Sell” to “Intended Percent Produced to Sell “
  • Renamed the Revised column “Actual Produced to Sell” to “Revised Percent Produced to Sell”
  • Updated Intended Expected Revenue Amount calculation
  • Updated Revised Expected Revenue Amount calculation

EASYhail Application

An EASYhail application/change form is now available for adding and editing EASYhail coverages. This new form may be printed from the Batch Print Manager, or from the EASYhail Coverages screen directly.  Selected coverages on the policy will be printed on the application.

MPCI and Hail Loss Register Report column addition

We have added a County column to the MPCI and Hail Loss Register report for easier filtering.

Policyholder Account notifications

Did you know your policyholders can sign up for a Policyholder Account? This account allows them access into the Farmer Portal and NAU Country's mobile app. Our goal is to help provide you with enhanced service to your policyholder, so we want you to be aware of which policyholders are accessing these features. To do so, last October we added email notifications for agents and agencies when a policyholder signs up for the Farmer Portal and the NAU Country mobile application. Agents will receive a notification immediately after a policyholder signs up for an account and agencies will only receive a summarized list weekly. If you would prefer to opt-out of these notification, please contact NAU Country's IT Marketing and we will remove you from the mailing. 

We have recently enhanced this feature to send emails to only the most current agent on the policy.

Agent Portal policy search

We have corrected an issue in the Agent Portal to allow users to pull policies from past years.

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