IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - March 8 Release

EASYquote® Crop-Hail display

The View Scenario in EasyQuote has been updated to display more detail on the Hail Policy Forms and Endorsements in the comparison. We also added better descriptors for Hail Endorsements on our EASYquote screens and documents. Where a number code was once displayed, we now show a new endorsement abbreviation instead.

Crop-Hail Application

The Crop-Hail Application from EASYwriter Pro now displays the Hail Endorsement abbreviation, rather than the internal code.

Canola Companion policies

When transferring acreage data between companion policies with the coverage canola, we now include the “Canola CR - 2 Yr Crop Rotation” Common Option, when it has been elected for the Source Policy acreage.

Simple Average icon

A new “Simple Average (SA) Calculation” icon has been added to the Unit section of the Acreage/APH tab. Now, when the simple average is used to calculate the Actual Production History (APH) yield, the user can select the icon which will display the grid with all units and criteria that went into the SA calculation. This will assist users when trying to determine how the SA was calculated. Note: The "SA Calculation" icon will not display until the APH has been saved.

Report Center: Custom Reports have been updated

It is our goal to get all our EASYwriter Pro® reports converted over to the New Report Center format. In this release, the following reports have been updated:

  • Missing APH
  • Missing Acreage
  • MPCI Loss Ratio Report
  • Hail Loss Register
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Report of Certified Acres
  • View Inspections List
  • Adjuster Customer Contacts
  • MPCI Country Crop Plan Level Report which incorporates data from the Crop Level Report and the MPCI Plan Totals Report
  • MPCI Tracking Policy Status will now replace the MPCI Status Report, MPCI Detailed Status Report, MPCI Tracking Policy Status, and MPCI Policy Tracking<

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel!

Custom Crop Color Legend

The Custom Crop Color Legend on map based documents within EASYwriter Pro has moved to the front of the document, following the cover page, for your convenience. The legend will be displayed any time the maps are colored in the document. 

Acreage Types update

RMA has implemented procedures related to crop damage which occurs as a result of Unavoidable Unintended Fires and Party Damage. As a result of this, a new Acreage Type code has been added to the signature page of our APH, Acreage, and Schedule of Insurance (SOI) documents.

EASYhail Share Percent display

The MPCI Agent Confirmation and App, Insured Confirmation, Application and Change Form, Schedule of Insurance, and Acreage Report  will now display the EASYhail Share % from the policy (when EASYhail is entered by Share %). 

Additions to the Nursery Renewal Packet

We added the Nursery Application Supplement to the Nursery Renewal Packet in the EASYwriter Pro system.

Peak Inventory Report

The entire Peak Inventory Value Report will now display/print even though policy may not have PEAK endorsement. 

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