IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - May 16 Release

Annual Forage and PRF now have separate applications

The Annual Forage and Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) applications have been separated to allow for a better and more user-friendly application experience. Note: Apiculture will continue to print on a combined Plan 13 application (with Annual Forage and PRF).

Declaration sheet for hail showing current coverages 

We have added EASYhail and Standalone Hail Policy Confirmations for agents and insureds to the Policy Document Manager, Batch Print Manager, and at Commit.

2019 Acreage Report updates

A PLC checkbox now display on the Acreage Report, EASYmapping Production/Acreage Report, Renewal Packet, and the Preliminary Acreage Report.

The EASYmapping Full Page Acreage Report was also updated to display and print SCO, ARC, PLC, and CR in the Acreage Ledger at a FTF level.

EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance updates for Multi-County Enterprise Units

The EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance (SOI) has added the acreage reporting Multi-County Enterprise Unit (MCEU) grid on page one, below the Summary of Coverage grid. The MCEU data will print if keyed.

2019 RYAF Contract Seed Peas and Contract Seed Beans changes

The Reference Year Adjustment Factor for dry peas was updated in EASYwriter Pro® for the Pacific Northwest.

Agency and Insured Label enhancements

In Batch Printing, you may now generate a full page of labels for an insured, preview labels, and indicate on which label to begin printing. In addition, all labels will now print consistently with the same font sizes.

Quote Whole Farm Revenue Protection with Beginning Farmer/Rancher

The ability to quote BFR on WFRP policies has now been added to EASYquote®. To apply the BFR discount, a BFR check box will now display in the Quote Line Attributes window. It will display in the header of the quote reports.

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