IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - May 30 Release

Access EASYquote® from the Crop-Hail and Named Peril Policy Editors

To continue to make our systems more user-friendly, we have now added the ability to select EASYquote from within a Crop-Hail or Named Peril policy. The icon can be found in the top menu of the policy editor.

New warning message for Multi-County Enterprise Units (MCEU)

When setting up the MCEU Linkage window, you will now receive a warning message if not all the required information is properly filled in.

Qualifying Commodity Count Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) message

When a commodity count equals one and the coverage level is greater than or equal to 75%, we have added a warning message for Whole Farm Revenue at Intended and/or at Revised:

  • Qualifying Commodities: Qualifying Commodities is = 1. With a commodity count of 1: A farm operation is ineligible for WFRP insurance if Revenue Protection is available for the commodity in the county or if the commodity is potatoes.
  • Qualifying Commodities: Verify the reasons are due to an insured cause of loss. 
  • Qualifying Commodities: Did you add a Note?

Livestock Coverage Properties adds rate

A new field has been added to allow users to view the rate applied for the livestock coverage selected. It is viewable within the coverage properties window and on the policy summary window for each endorsement.

Potato Processing improvements

EASYwriter Pro® has been updated to now apply the ST-Storage Option to all potato units when the ST Option is applied at the coverage level.

Document Option list moves "Acreage Lines Rolled" to the top!

For 2019 and forward, we have moved the "Acreage Lines Rolled" Document Option to the top of the list for better visibility in the Policy Documents window and the MPCI Batch Print Manager.

EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance (SOI) adds PRF Lost Acres and Lost Date 

When destruction acres apply, we have changed the PRF EASYmapping SOI and SOI to:

  •   Display/print Grid ID details on the Lost Acres and Lost Dates per interval
  •   The MPCI Premium Summary will also display/print Lost Acres to the right of the Acres column

EASYmapping Premium Summary by Practice/Type

We listen to you! An agent enhancement request on the SOI Premium Summary has been made to the Schedule of Insurance and EASYmapping SOI. We have added a new Document Option called “Premium Summary by Practice/Type”.

  •   If not checked: Premium Summary prints as it does today
  •   If checked: Premium Summary does display/print separate lines for practice/type per crop

Precision Farming Cloud updates

We continue to improve our Precision Farming system by adding additional options for cloud uploading services. The following enhancements were just made to our Precision Farming Dashboard:

  • We now do a cloud submission from AgFiniti by AgLeader
  • We also have a cloud submission for both Climate FieldView for ShareKey and a Climate FieldView without ShareKey
  • We have a more condensed way of displaying the files under each cloud upload, so they are easy to find.

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