IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - May 31 Release

Batch Printing in EASYwriter Pro® just got easier!

For ease of processing, we have now added the ability to use the “ENTER” key to add documents in Batch Printing when utilizing the Single Policy feature.

Follow this step-by-step process to see how it works:

  1. Enter into the Batch Print Manager
  2. Select the “Single Policy” radio button
  3. Under Select Document use the drop-down box to update the Category and Document
  4. Under Document Options select the applicable options
  5. Key in the policy number
  6. Click “Enter” to add the document to the Batch Documents grid
  7. Continue to add another policy, “Enter”, add another policy, “Enter”

Updates on Rainfall Index documents

The following document changes are available now in EASYwriter Pro® for Rainfall Index policies including Apiculture, Annual Forage, and PRF:

  1. Apiculture Acreage Report available
  2. Apiculture Renewal Packet available
  3. Display changes within the Add Policy Documents and Batch Print windows include showing “Rainfall Index (RI)” under the policy number and changing the document name in the drop-down box to Acreage Report – Rainfall Index (RI)
  4. Display changes on the Acreage Report title to be called Acreage Report – Rainfall Index (RI)View claim status tracking and details.

Updates on Whole Farm Documents

The following document changes are available now on the Whole Farm Operation Report and the Whole Farm Renewal Packet – Farm Operation Report to allow insureds space to enter more details for Question #5 “Other Insurance”:

  1. We have removed the ability to enter data next to Question #5
  2. Yes and No checkboxes were added, plus a “Yes” disclaimer to Question #5
  3. We reduced the size of Field 21: Narrative, Expected Values, and Report of Changes
  4. We also reduced size of Field 22: Vertically Integrated/Post-Production Operations
  5. A grid for Question #5 was added to allow for Other Insurance details. This includes data entry fields for AIP/FSA, Policy #, and Date Obtained
  6. We added a disclaimer for Question #5 AIP/FSA
  7. We added Field 23: MPCI Liability with a textbox

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) document updates

The EASYwriter Pro® system has been updated to support for the additional subsidy provided by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS). This includes displaying the additional subsidy on the MPCI Policy Editor, Schedules of Insurance, and the Billing Statements.

EASYmapping® Farm Management Book enhancements

  • The EASYmapping® field label settings will now display on the EASYmapping® Farm Management Book.
  • Within the book, the Field Report page will now prepopulate with the Farm Description, Location, and Policy Number from its corresponding map page.

Production Record Type label enhanced on Schedule of Insurance (SOI) documents.

EASYwriter Pro® and the NAU Country mobile app have been updated to display Production Type versus Record Type for better clarity.

  • Documents changed include the Schedule of Insurance (SOI), Preliminary SOI, Renewal SOI, and EASYmapping SOI for all states
  • We changed the reference from "Rec Type" to "Prod Type"
  • The documents will print the “Production Record Type” code, if keyed

EASYwriter Pro® continues to enhance our user reports. 

The following reports that used to be accessed in the Reports menu under Agent User Reports, have now been moved to the Report Center.

  • Hail Policy Summary
  • Accounting Totals - Hail
  • Accounting Totals – Named Peril
  • Accounting Totals - MPCI

Quick Unit enhancements for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF)

  • Beginning with 2019 crop year processing, users will be able to select a Grid ID for PRF and Annual Forage policies in the Quick Unit feature
  • The Quick Unit feature will also allow the entry of the Share Percent in the window where Locations are entered
  • If a Share Percent is entered in this window, it will display with the New Unit information in the next window

EASYquote® now supports Native Sod

Native Sod on existing policies and new quotes is now supported in our EASYquote system. A “Native Sod” checkbox is located under the Options section in the Unit Attributes window. Once “Native Sod” is selected on the unit, the unit’s Yield Indicator Code will display “SB”, the APH will be populated with four years of yields at 65% of the approved T-Yield, and the subsidy will calculate correctly.

Commit Default changes

The Commit screen has been updated to default the "Continue viewing this policy after committing" checkbox to checked. Going forward, any changes to the checkbox will be saved as a user preference. In other words, the last setting you did will be your user preference.

2019 Conflict of Interest Form updates

We updated the Conflict of Interest (COI) portal site, blank PDF, and pre-filled PDFs for 2019.

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