IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - October 3 Release

Farmer Portal self-service options

The Farmer Portal continues to add enhancements that will allow your farmer to self-service their account and policy, allowing you more time to spend on dedicated customer service. Make sure to update them on these new features available with their farmer account!

  • Farmers can now create and submit a Notice of Loss (NOL) from within the Farmer Portal. When a claim is submitted you, as their agent, will receive an email notification so that you are able to follow-up and provide the service you prefer. To assist your farmers in submitting a Notice of Loss (NOL) follow the below steps or download the Farmers Notice of Loss (NOL) Quick Reference Guide
    • Log into the Farmer Portal. 
    • Select "My Policies". 
    • Next to the policy that the Notice of Loss is being created for, select the "Enter Loss Notice" icon listed under Quick Links.
      • Alternatively, select the policy that the Notice of Loss is being created for.
      • Select the "Loss Notice & Claims" button. 
      • Click the "Create Loss Notice" button.
    • Fill in all applicable fields in the Create Loss screen. 
    • When ready, select "Save Loss".
    • Within the Summary area on the screen, select "Proceed to Submission".
    • Answer the questions on the screen and select "Proceed".
    • Select "Submit Notice of Loss". 
    • Click the "Create Loss Notice" button.

  • Profile information updates can now be made from within the Farmer Portal by going to the Help menu and selecting "Account Preferences". Inside the Account Preferences screen the farmer can update their Phone and Address information in addition to the previously available options.   

Notice of Loss (NOL) consistency

To make the claim windows more user-friendly and consistent across our systems the wording for Loss Date has been updated to Date of Damage in the Claims Tracker, Claim Editor, and Claim Manager.

EASYmapping® continual improvements

Users can now edit the listed Share % in the Policy Field Attributes section within EASYmapping and Quick FTF. This can only be achieved if the unit’s share percentage is less than 100%. If the Share % is updated, the value will also flow down to all the different acreage documents that use the value.

Uninsurable due to PP guidelines 

A new uninsurable code of "S" with the description of "Uninsurable due to PP guidelines" has been added to the acreage reporting sections within our EASYsuite systems. This code will be utilized when it is determined that acres submitted as Prevented Planted do not qualify due to Prevent Plant guidelines and must be uninsurable. This will also display as the uninsurable acres description on the EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance and the Schedule of Insurance.

New and updated reports in Report Center

  • To offer greater visibility into claims status changes a new Recent Claims Activity report is now available in the Report Center. This report will allow easier visibility into what claims in the last three active review years have moved to a different folder status within a selected time frame.

  • The Conservation Compliance report has been enhanced to show all policies that have a Compliance Certification code associated to the primary insured or SBI. A CC Statement filter has also been added to this report which will allow you to include or exclude rows that have a Compliance Certification code for a MPCI or Livestock policy.   

Report of Certified Acres report options enhanced 

The Report of Certified Acres can now be printed in a format that will allow multiple insureds to be on the same page. This will reduce the number of pages this report will produce. To print the report in the new format simply select the new "PDF file (Summary)" radio button as your output selection. This report can be found in the EASYwriter Pro Dashboard Quick Links drop-down. 

2020 RMA Updates

  • Native Sod statement addition - All Acreage Reporting and Whole Farm claim documents will now include a Native Sod statement on the statement/signature page.

  • 2020 Annual Forage, Apiculture, and Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) addition - A Point of Reference label with a data entry area was added to the following documents:
    • Acreage Report
    • EASYmapping Acreage and Production Book
    • EASYmapping Full Page Acreage Report booklet
    • EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance
    • Renewal Packet Acreage Report
    • Schedule of Insurance (Apiculture)
    • Preliminary Acreage Report ribbon

  • In 2020, the RI Application and Application Change Form has the Grazing Certification Year removed.

MPCI Application and Application Change form new question

An additional question has been added to the MPCI Application and Application Change form in EASYwriter Pro®, EASYquote®, and NAU Country mobile. You will now see a fifth question that asks "Do you want the Bundle Policy to be continuous?" when you are completing the MPCI Application or Application Change form process.  

Dry pea and dry bean validation

A validation will now appear when coverage plans do not match between types of dry pea and dry bean coverages. These inconsistencies will need to be resolved before committing the policy.  

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