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IT Product Update - October 4 Release

DRP_KeyingAre you prepared for Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP)?

In a continued effort to make sure you’re ready for the season, you now have the ability to key DRP within the EASYwriter Pro® system, similar to keying LGM and LRP. The intuitive work-flows and user-friendly screens make DRP processing easy. We have DRP processing webinars held on Tuesday, October 9 at 10 a.m. and Thursday, October 11 at 1 p.m. Click on our Training and Resources page to register today. In addition, we will have a DRP processing user guide coming soon in our Agent Help Library on the Agent Portal.

Our DRP quoting system will go live next week. EASYquote® will offer the ability to quote and report on various DRP situations.

2019 RMA updates to Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

From quoting to documents to processing, we want you to be up-to-date with 2019 WFRP. Check out the following changes:

Feel confident in your quoting by utilizing EASYquote for your WFRP quoting. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) changes to 2019 WFRP have now been implemented in our quoting system. The changes include calculation and document updates for Qualifying Commodities, the farm premium rate, and diversification discount.

EASYwriter Pro's WFRP Policy Editor was updated with new fields including Rating Code, Commodity Code, (Intended) Percent Produced for Sale, and (Revised) Percent Produced for Sale. In addition, we added a display for the Number of Commodities in both the Policy Editor and on the Schedule of Insurance (SOI). Similar to EASYquote, we included calculation and document updates for Qualifying Commodities, the farm premium rate, diversification discount, and removed the use of the weighted average ("summarized lines").

Document changes for 2019 WFRP include the addition of Actual Cost (Claims Only) and Net Value (Claims Only) to the Whole Farm Market Animal and Nursery Report. New fields including Rating Code, Commodity Code, (Intended) Percent Produced for Sale, and (Revised) Percent Produced for Sale were added in the Whole Farm Renewal Packet and Whole Farm Operation Report (FOR). In addition, we added two new Document Options when printing the Whole Farm Renewal Packet, including:

  • Exp. Value & Yield Source Wkst Pages: When a number is entered, the system will print that number of blank pages for the Expected Value and Yield Source Document Certification Worksheet (EVYD).
  • Print Prior Year Commodity Data: When this option is selected, the system will print the prior year commodity data (Commodity Name/Code, Unit of Measure, Expected Yield, and Expected Value) on the EVYD and Farm Operation Report.

EASYquote's Premium Estimate report *AGENT REQUEST*

The Premium Estimate Report in EASYquote has now been updated to display the Crop Totals and Averages section. The report can be found in EASYquote under the “Reports” menu item.

Notice of Inspection NAU Country mobile's Notice of Inspection

Setting up a Notice of Inspection for your policyholders has never been easier as you can now submit from both your computer and mobile devices. The process to create a new Notice of Inspection is very similar to creating a Notice of Loss (NOL) regardless if you are on the go or in your office. To learn more check out our “Setting up a Notice of Inspection” Tips and Tricks.

New Policyholder Login email notification *AGENT REQUEST*

Did you know your policyholders can sign up for a Policyholder Account? This account allows them access into the Farmer Portal and NAU Country's mobile app. Our goal is to help provide you with enhanced service to your policyholder, so we want you to be aware of which policyholders are accessing these features. To do so, we have added email notifications for agents and agencies when a policyholder signs up for the Farmer Portal and the NAU Country mobile application. Agents will receive a notification immediately after a policyholder signs up for an account and agencies will only receive a summarized list weekly. If you would prefer to opt-out of these notification, please contact NAU Country's IT Marketing and we will remove you from the mailing. 

Report enhancement *AGENT REQUEST*

The MPCI Loss Register and Hail Loss Register can now be filtered by the Paid Date.

Schedule of Insurance (SOI) Documents changes

To make reporting easier for our policyholders, we have added a new Document Option to our Schedule of Insurance (SOI) and Preliminary SOI. You can now check the "Acreage Lines Rolled Up" box when printing the SOI document. This option will roll up all acreage lines for a particular unit into one line. Without the option checked, when a unit has more than one acreage line associated to it, each acreage line prints and a Unit Summary line is created to display the Total Unit Acres and Total Unit Guarantee. The Document Option was added so that if a policy has four acreage lines for unit 0001-0001, with four different legals on the same unit, the printed SOI will only display one acreage line for that unit. This will then allow policyholders to write in the 2018 production for that one unit. This way it will match the units set up on the policy in EASYwriter Pro when it's rolled over into 2019 for easy production entry. 

Exception:  If the system auto creates another line due to Late Planted, Prevented Planting, or Uninsurable Acreage, these lines will not be rolled up with any other associated lines for that same unit.

Note: All of the acreage reporting verbiage was removed off the last two pages of the document, as this rolled up SOI will not be able to be used as a signed Acreage Report due to the fact acreage won't be listed by FTF.

2019 Production Record Type

With the new 2019 Current Year Reporting requirements, we want to make reporting production as easy as possible. We have added a new column for "Production Record Type" to the 10-year Actual Production History (APH) Database document. 

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