IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - September 19 Release

New Companion Policy Notice of Loss (NOL)

Submitting a Notice of Loss (NOL) for a Companion Policy has never been easier! Now you may do this seamlessly by submitting an initial Notice of Loss and letting our system guide you to automatically set up notices for your Companion Policies. This can be accomplished in EASYwriter Pro®, NAU Country mobile, and in the Agent Portal. Please see the Companion Policy Notice of Loss (NOL) Submission Process Tips and Tricks for more information.

  • What is a Companion Policy?
    Companion Policies in EASYwriter Pro help manage relationships between policies when there is shared ground between them. These relationships may then be used to perform data transfers between policies, as well as coordinate adjuster activities when claims or inspections are created for policies with shared ground. Access our Companion Policies Training Suite Tips and Tricks to find out more!

2020 Whole Farm Revenue Protection options

The following coverage elections are now available in EASYWriter Pro for Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP):

  • Revenue Substitution 60% (RS)
  • Revenue Exclusion (RX)
  • Revenue Cup 90% (RC)

Citrus fruit validation

A validation will now appear when entering coverage records for Arizona, California, and Texas citrus crops that are within the same citrus fruit group if coverage levels do not match. 

EASYmapping® Generate View document updates

Our last release featured a change for generating new views in EASYmapping by Farm Serial Number (FSN) and Tract. EASYmapping Production/Acreage Report and EASYmapping Full Page Acreage Report has been updated to capture these changes. The following items were updated: 

  • The FSN now sorts by all FSN/Legal digits in proper numeric order.
  • The table of contents, top right page number, and page number at bottom of page will reflect sort changes. 
  • Tract information has been added to the legal description.

Farm, Tract, and FSA number (FTF) detail has been added as a Document Option for Rainfall 

A detailed FTF grid will now display and print more blank lines on the Rainfall Index plan (13) Acreage Report when the Print FTF Detail (RI only) and AR Blank Lines Document Options are selected.

Flexibility added to EASYquote® Premium Estimate Report

You will now be able to include or exclude the Crop Totals and Averages section on the EASYquote Premium Estimate Report by selecting/deselecting the new "Include Crop Totals and Average" checkbox in the Report Options Editor screen prior to generating the report.

Dept Termination report options

To assist in making the Debt Termination reports more user-friendly, we have added the Agency and Agent Name in the column chooser.

RMA Acreage Type codes added to Acreage Reporting documents

You will now see the RMA Acreage Type codes appear next to the listed Acreage Types on all Acreage Reporting documents. 

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