IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - September 20 Release

Field-Insights-Search Field Insights™ policy search updates 

When accessing the Field Insights’ policy search in the Agent Portal, you will be presented with the option to Search Policies. When this box is selected you can "Search Last/Business Name or Policy Number".

New EASYquote® report to Display Estimated Rainfall

A new EASYquote report that shows Actual Rainfall, Historical Rainfall, Projected Final Index, and Level of Coverage Payment Factors for completed and published intervals, completed and estimated intervals, and in progress intervals.

This report can be accessed in EASYquote by selecting the "Reports" menu and then choosing "Estimated Rainfall Report" from within the Full Farm screen. In the Report Options Editor, you can select to "Include Estimated Intervals", "Include in Progress Intervals", and choose your Level of Coverage(s).

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) quoting available October 4, 2018 

Risk Management Agency (RMA) changes to 2019 WFRP are being implemented in our EASYquote system beginning October 4, 2018.  To avoid discrepancies in premium, we have removed the ability to quote WFRP until these changes take place.

Line of Business Balance Due display

The View Financial Account Data – Agency screen has been updated to include Balance Due totals for all Lines of Business. This can be accessed by going into EASYwriter Pro®, selecting the "Accounting" menu option, and then choosing "View Financial Account Data - Agency".

Reports Deprecation

As we continually look to improve our systems, we have made final updates to the Report Center. All agent user reports will now only be located in the Report Center. Learn more here with our Report Center Quick Reference Guide.

Perennial_Pre-Acceptance_WorksheetSleek new design, reliable Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PAW) processing!

We are excited to announce that the "NEW" Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet within EASYwriter Pro® is here! In our continued effort to update our policy processing system, we are proud to announce a new design which will provide user-friendly screens, more intuitive workflows, and a layout you are sure to appreciate!

Check out what's new and sign up for training on our Perennial Pre-Acceptance Worksheet News page.

Enhancement to the Pre-Acceptance Worksheet (PAW) Block Totals 

We have added "Insured" acres unit totals to both the EASYwriter Pro® PAW interface and the PAW document.

Acreage Reporting documents updated for Acreage Type 

Updated the Acreage Type key on Acreage Reporting documents including the Acreage Report, APH Database report, EASYmapping Acreage Report, Schedule of Insurance reports, Forage Underwriting Report, Renewal Packets, ARH Revenue, and the Yield Report to be consistent (meaning in the same order as) with the 2019 Crop Insurance Handbook (CIH).

Changes to the Actual Production History (APH) Database report's "Signature Applicable To" box

On the APH Database report, the Acreage Report label and checkbox in the Signature block will display as such:
  • Non-California offices: If you select the APH Document Option, “Include Acreage Reporting on APH”, the system will display/print the APH Document with acreage reporting fields and the APH Signature Block will contain the Acreage Report label and checkbox.  If the Document Option checkbox is not marked, the APH Document displays/prints without Acreage Reporting fields and without the Acreage Report checkbox and label in the signature block.  
  • California offices: may/may not select the APH Document Option, “Include Acreage Reporting on APH” and the system will display/print the APH Document with acreage reporting fields. In both scenarios, the Acreage Report label and checkbox displays/prints in the APH Document Signature block.

Farm Tract FSA Field (FTF) display on an Acreage Report 

We have updated the Acreage Report and Preliminary Acreage Report to print the CLU in the Crop Detail grid when the FTF is not associated in EASYmapping.
  • For example, given a policy that has four crops (corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and wheat) that share the same location and the four FTFs are not associated, the system will print all CLUs per location.
  • For example, given a policy that has three crops (corn, soybeans, wheat) that share the same location and only two FTFs are associated for a crop, the system will print the two CLUs that are associated per location. (For the one that is not linked, the CLU is not printed.)

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