IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - September 5 Release

EASYmapping® continues to improve

We are continuing to roll out new functionality in EASYmapping!

  • A crop color mapping layer is now in EASYmapping Fields! Once acreage has been reported, this new layer will default to show the applicable crop colors on the fields within the Fields tab.
  • Generate views by FSN and Tract is now available! This allows agents to generate their views by pairing the same tracts within a FSN, and separate each view by FSN and tract.

Annual Forage Dual Use option code RMA Mandates 

Starting in 2020, the following updates have been made for the Annual Forage Dual Use option:

  • The Dual Use option code is now accessible for Growing Season 1 within EASYwriter Pro® on the Coverage Properties editor and the Edit Unit window. 
  • This option will appear on the Summary of Coverage and the unit detail when keyed in EASYwriter Pro on the following documents:
    • Acreage Report
    • EASYmapping Schedule of Insurance
    • Renewal Packet – Acreage Report 
    • Renewal SOI 
    • Schedule of Insurance
    • Preliminary Acreage Report – ribbon
    • Preliminary SOI - ribbon
  • The Dual Use disclaimer was also added to the signature page in the above listed documents.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Entity edits

When completing your Conflict of Interest (COI) online, if you have changes to your entity you can now click on the "Name/Address Correction" button in the Entity section header. This allows you to send an email directly to Agency Services with details of your change.

Paid Folder renamed to Processed Folder in Claims Manager

In an effort to continually improve your Claims Manager experience, the Paid status folder has been renamed to Processed. Due to the folder containing claims in a variety of payment statuses, we felt this new folder title was more accurate. Additionally, this name update will also be visible in the Claims Tracker in NAU Country mobile, Agent Portal, Farmer Portal, and the Dashboard in EASYwriter Pro. 

New Claims and Compliance reports

  • A new Compliance District Statistics Report is now available in the Report Center. This report displays policy reviews, including review type, status of review, and review complete date. To access this report:
    • Log into EASYwriter Pro
    • Select "Report Center" 
    • Select "Compliance" from the left navigation
    • Select "MPCI" in the top navigation
    • Double-click on the "Compliance District Statistics Report" 
  • A Daily Claims Issued report for both MPCI and Hail has been added to the Report Center. This report will assist agencies in tracking submitted claims. You can access this report by:
    • Logging into EASYwriter Pro
    • Selecting "Report Center" 
    • Selecting "Claims"
    • Selecting "Hail" or "MPCI" 
    • Select "Daily Claims Issued - Hail" or "Daily Claims Issued - MPCI"

Share name available in Acreage/APH tab

A Share name column has been added as an option in the Acreage/APH tab of the MPCI Policy Editor. To add this new column, select "Show Column Chooser" (right-click on the column title line) and check the box next to Share. This will add the share name(s) for each unit.

Mass Update wizard enhanced to include No Longer Farming (NLF)

The Mass Update option within MPCI policies, has added the ability to mass update by No Longer Farming (NLF) units. 

Automated email notifications

  • An automated process has been implemented for initiating an email notification when a Payment Agreement is coming due in 10 days. The email will be sent to Billing Accountants, Agents, Branch Managers, Regional Managers, and Marketing Reps. The email will state that a payment is coming due. It will also provide the name of the insured, policy number, balance due, date due, and includes payment option information.
  • An auto-generated letter will be sent to our insureds when a policy has been reinstated, due to the criteria of Small Amounts, Transposed Amount &/or 7-day transit Period. This letter will also be saved in the Financial Account window for the insured.

EASYhail coverage can now be created for wheat by winter and spring types

The system will now allow separate EASYhail coverage for winter wheat and spring wheat. The separate EASYhail lines by type will also carry over to the Hail Policy Editor and display correctly on the following documents:

  • Insured Confirmation
  • Agent Confirmation and App
  • MPCI Application
  • MPCI Application and Change Form
  • EASYhail Application and Change Form
  • Hail Application
  • EASYmapping SOI
  • SOI

Batch Printing for mailing labels export

You now have the ability to export insured labels to an Excel workbook within Batch Print Manager. Utilize the following steps:

  • Enter into the MPCI Batch Print Manger
  • Use the filters to customize insured listing
  • Select the "Add Document" icon
  • Select the insureds/policies from the grid below
  • Click "Create Mailing Cover/Labels"
  • Next to the Mailing Labels title, select "Download"
  • As a format option "Excel" should now appear 

Production Type code

Additional Production Type codes can now be keyed within the APH database on the Acreage/APH tab and in the Quick APH window for both previous and current year reporting. A separate tab will display in the Production Type dialog box called "Additional Production Types" where more than one can be selected, if application. 

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