IT Product Updates

IT Product Update - March 22 Release

Hail Probability improvements

The Hail Probability Report has been updated with your feedback! Changes include:

  • The MPCI and EASYhail policy will now display on one line.
  • If acreage is not completed on a MPCI policy, we will analyze all locations on the policy with and without acreage reported.
  • Once acreage is completed on a MPCI policy, we will only analyze the locations where acreage is reported.
  • The report will be sorted by insured name, instead of policy number.
  • MPCI, EASYhail, and Hail will display in front of the policy number to help identify the policy type.

Learn more about the Hail Probability Report and how to sign up today!

Increase print speeds

Whether you are generating and saving your documents through the commit process, or with the Batch Print Manager, it’s a process that doesn’t have to take long! We have added the ability to save these documents directly to your machine! Check out these Tips and Tricks that will cover each step on how to download your documents as PDFs to your computer, allowing for a quicker printing experience.

Sleek new design for our Claim Manager!

We are excited to announce that the new EASYwriter Pro® Claim Manager is here! In a continued effort to update our claim processing system, this new design will provide you with a user-friendly screen, more intuitive workflows, and improved speeds that you are sure to appreciate. 

PASS Record Descriptor updates

The PASS record descriptions have been updated in the EASYwriter Pro Policy Editor to match the current record description as published by RMA. To access the record descriptions, select a coverage or unit within the Policy Editor, use the right-click function on the grid lines in the Policy/Crop and Acreage/APH tabs.

Farm Name sorting in Unit Locations

To assist in keying efficiencies, we have now sorted the Farm Name in the Unit Locations window in alphabetical order.

Nursery processing efficiencies

In EASYwriter Pro, when entering the “PIVR Signature Date” for Nursery on the unit detail line, there will now be an option to “Apply to all units”. If this button is selected, the PIVR Signature Date will not have to be manually entered for every line. This will assist in processing efficiencies and will help eliminate PASS errors due to a missing date. The PIVR Signature date will still be able to be overridden manually at any time. When the “Revised Report” box is checked, the option to apply the PIVR Signature Date will not be enabled, the user will need to continue to enter the revised date manually, where applicable. This change applies in 2018 and forward.

Quick Unit improvements

In the Quick Unit window, we have added the columns Practice, Type, Unit Type, Share %, Share Holder, and Exception Code to the Existing Units section to allow the user a full picture of what exists on the policy today.

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