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    Farmer Portal linking accounts - Agent Edition

    We all know that farming is not a simple process! However, NAU Country strives to make our crop insurance systems as user-friendly as possible. Through the Farmer Portal, your farmers are now able to link (and unlink) their multiple farming operations to ONE user account, which will give them access to all their policies right from their own policyholder account. This will allow them quicker and easier access to pertinent policies in one place, and with only one login. Help them out! August 23, 2019
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    Insured Hail Notification Sign up

    Our Hail Notifications are available to your insureds! As a NAU Country agent, you can currently sign up to receive a hail notification when hail potentially hits your insureds’ fields. Now, this same service is available to your insureds through our Insured Hail Notifications. This service sends out an email notification to your insured if the probability of hail greater than .5” is detected within a buffered radius of one mile around each field or section (for unmapped or non-EASYhail) that exists on their policy. February 20, 2019
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  • Extra Mile

    Go the extra mile for your policyholders during hail season!

    This hail season go the extra mile for your policyholders by combining two great NAU Country tools to offer top-notch customer service. July 12, 2018
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  • EASYview Weather Agent Portal

    EASYview Weather - Agent Portal

    Worried if hail damaged your policyholder's fields from yesterday’s storm? Check on their fields while drinking your morning coffee! EASYview Weather is an easy-to-use tool that will verify and help locate recent hail events. May 01, 2018
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    Hail Probability

    Continue to deliver excellent customer service! Sign up to receive alerts when hail hits your policyholders’ fields. January 01, 2018
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