• Sales Closing Processing Guides

    Sales Closing Processing Guides

    Want a quick checklist to make sure you got everything? Click on the links below to select your Sales Closing Checklist, SCO Fact Sheet, Entities Chart, WFRP Checklist, or the PRF Checklist. Print a copy for your use. May 01, 2018
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  • Premium Advice Full Computer

    Include a printed Hail Premium Advice with early payments!

    At NAU Country, we offer the ability to generate a Crop-Hail Premium Advice for your insureds! Crop-Hail Premium Advice is a billing statement that allows insureds the ability to pay their premium early in order to receive a cash discount! May 01, 2018
    Accounting Agent Agent Portal Crop-Hail EASYwriter Pro®
  • EASYview Weather Agent Portal

    EASYview Weather - Agent Portal

    Worried if hail damaged your policyholder's fields from yesterday’s storm? Check on their fields while drinking your morning coffee! EASYview Weather is an easy-to-use tool that will verify and help locate recent hail events. May 01, 2018
    Agent Agent Portal Crop-Hail EASYview Weather MPCI NAU Country mobile
  • EASYquote Hail Application Wizard

    Crop-Hail Training Suite

    Hail season is here! NAU Country wants to make your hail experience as seamless and stress-free as possible! Access your important Crop-Hail Rate Books, refresh yourself on Crop-Hail quoting, and utilize our Tips and Tricks for processing assistance. May 01, 2018
    Agent Crop-Hail EASYquote® EASYwriter Pro® MPCI Training Suite
  • EASYquote 10 Year APH

    Where does a yield come from? Find out here

    You might know one way to update your yield within EASYquote®, but do you know all the others? Find our how EASYquote yields are pulled when you have a new quote vs. a policy quote. May 01, 2018
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  • EASYquote YE Laptop

    Yield Exclusion (YE) quoting

    EASYquote® analyzes your Approved Production History (APH) yield choices for you. If the system finds that the yield will be lower with the YE option, the specific unit will automatically be opted out for that year. The EASYquote system will then notify you of all the units and years that were selected as YE Opt-Out years. You'll be able to print and save this information for future reference. May 01, 2018
    Agent EASYquote® EASYwriter Pro® MPCI
  • Master Yields Code Descriptor

    Master Yields refresher

    Entry of Master Yields in EASYwriter Pro is simple, though, can be hard to remember how it works from year to year! Here's a quick refresh on how to set-up and update Master Yields. May 01, 2018
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  • Current Year APH

    Current Year Production Reporting

    RMA requires that current year production to include production record type data be submitted for Area Risk Plans. The current year production can be entered in the Quick APH Current Year entry within EASYwriter Pro (EWP). May 01, 2018
    Agent EASYwriter Pro® MPCI
  • Production Reporting Laptop

    Production Reporting with Yield Exclusion (YE), Trend Adjustment (TA), and the Yield Cup (YC)

    Sales closing has nearly come and gone for many, which means it's time to get production reported. In this Tips and Tricks, we cover what you need to know about YE, TA, and YC. Take a look below in each section to learn more! May 01, 2018
    Agent Agent Portal EASYwriter Pro® MPCI
  • Acreage Reporting in EASYwriter Pro

    Acreage Reporting Systems

    The insured, or authorized representative for the insured must sign and submit an annual acreage report for those policies that require an acreage report. The acreage report is used to determine the liability or amount of insurance provided and premium. May 01, 2018
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