Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for an EASY way to create a standalone Hail quote from your MPCI policy units

If your answer is "yes", make sure to check out this Tips and Tricks! Save time by creating a Hail quote from existing information! Our EASYquote® "Create Standalone Hail Quote" feature has the ability to take an MPCI quote and effortlessly create an EASYhail or standalone Hail quote with the same unit/line information.

The Locations, Policy Form codes, and Coverage Per Acre fields are editable by County/Crop/Practice, so you can fill in these fields quickly by bulk updating versus one line at a time. 

Stand Alone QuoteLog into EASYwriter Pro® and try it today!

  • Within EASYwriter Pro
  • Search and open your MPCI policy
  • Click on the "EASYquote" icon in the menu at the top of the screen
  • Once selected, your policy will now open within EASYquote
  • In the Edit menu, select the "Create Standalone Hail Quote" option
    • The menu item is enabled whenever hail rates are available or when hail is attached to an MPCI quote
  • Selecting the "Create Standalone Hail Quote" menu item opens a dialog box allowing you to select the units to use on your Hail quote
  • All base units from the MPCI quote will display in the dialog. The fields will default to the values from the MPCI quote.
    • Existing units with hail attached are pre-selected
    • Units without hail attached are not pre-selected
    • Use the checkboxes to select the units you'd like to include in the Hail quote
    • Location, Policy Form, and Coverage Per Acre are required for all selected units
  • To bulk update the Location, Policy Form, or Coverage Per Acre, select an option from the drop down box on one hail line. Right click on the line to enable the option to bulk update the fields by County/Crop/Practice. Select the field to update and all similar rows will be populated with the requested data.
  • Once lines are selected and updated, click "Create Quote" to open the standalone Hail quote.

Create a Hail Temp Policy from your quote:

  • Bulk Selection

    Under the Application menu, choose "Hail Application"
  • On the Hail Application Wizard, complete the following:
    • Update Applicant Info, if applicable
    • On the left navigation, select "Agency Info", update if applicable
    • On the left navigation, select Application Info. Fill in the Policy Type as Crop-Hail, the Application Type, and the MPCI Policy Number if applicable. Then answer the four questions
    • On the left navigation, select "Signature Info", update
    • Once this is complete, select "Create Temp Policy"
  • The Hail Temp Application will open with all the agency and policyholder data populated
  • When you click "Apply", the lines from the quote will populate
  • Click "Commit" on the Hail Temp Policy
  • Once complete, a Hail Temp Policy will be created in EASYwriter Pro consisting of your quote lines
  • A signed document will still need to be sent into the NAU Country office
  • An Underwriter will need to set the policy to active

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