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EASYview Weather - Agent Portal

Assess potential hail damage to your fields with EASYview Weather!

EASYview Weather Agent PortalWorried if hail damaged your policyholder's fields from yesterday’s storm? Check on their fields while drinking your morning coffee! EASYview Weather is an easy-to-use tool that will verify and help locate recent hail events in your policyholder's fields. EASYview Weather will also show you an estimate of the hail size that occurred.

The perks:

  • Don't be surprised, be aware of recent weather in the field prior to submitting a loss
  • Quick turnaround with next day data availability

How to access:

Access EASYview Weather from the Agent Portal or the NAU Country mobile app to view if hail potentially hit one of your fields.

Agent Portal

  • Go to
  • Login to the "Agent Portal”
  • Select the "EASYview Weather" tab at the top of the screen
  • Search the way you prefer with our various options including policy number, claim, or address
  • Enter in the search criteria

NAU Country mobile 

  • Download NAU Country mobile from your mobile device
  • View from a smart phone
    • Select your policyholder
    • Select your policy
    • Choose “Actions” at the top of the screen
    • Tap on “EASYview Weather”
  • View from a tablet
    • Select your policyholder
    • Select your policy
    • Within the “Actions” section, select “EASYview Weather”

Search options: 

  • Refine your search anytime, by selecting the "layer" icon in the top left corner
  • Review past weather events by selecting a specific date, from the “Add Date Filter”, which is located in the "layer" icon next to the policyholder name on the right

How it works:

Weather Events Card

  • Recent Weather Event Cards
    • This section contains specific weather related information on recent weather events. Each weather event “card” displays:  
      • Date and Time of the event
      • # of potentially impacted fields or sections
      • Distance of the event from the location
      • Wind speed or gust strength
      • Estimated size of the hail
      • High and low temperatures
      • Relative humidity
      • Dew Point
      • Weather Conditions
    • Special note on Cards that display “N/A” as Hail Size: 

      Both the location of the farm and fields or sections on policy are considered when displaying hail size. When an event occurs within 10 miles of the farm, but not within 1 mile of any policy field or section, “N/A” displays as the hail size and “0” displays as the number of potentially impacted fields

  • Possibly Affected Fields/Sections

    • Once you click on Recent Weather Event Card, the "Possibly Affected Field Cards" display. This section displays information on the selected weather event. All potentially impacted fields or sections associated with the policy also display. Note: If you click on the “Possibly Affected Fields” box, this link will return to the Recent Weather Events window

  • Date Filter

    • EASYview Weather Address

      Selecting the "Add Date Filter" option prompts the user for a new date. The current map is retained, but the weather events displayed are updated based on the new date. When the date filter is used, the Weather Event cards for the day before and the day after your selected date will display. Note: The date must be keyed in the following format MM/DD/YYYY. Key in your date and select “Go”

    • This is located in the "layer" icon next to the policyholder name

  • Address Search

    • This section displays information on the selected weather event for distances of 10 miles, 5 miles, and 1 mile from the location. The 10-mile radius “card” is selected by default. Selecting a different “card” changes the view on the map accordingly

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the difference between max gust and wind speed?
    • Gust Icon: If the event has max gust above 40 mph on the event date, you'll see the gust icon and the associated speed
    • Wind Icon: If the event does not have wind above 40 mph, you'll see the wind icon and associated speed
  2. Where does the data come from and how do we know it's accurate?
    • The hail polygons, event date/time, and max gust are generated from our weather vendor, Weather Decision Technologies (WDT)
    • WDT supplies highly accurate weather forensic data to the insurance industry through Verisk Climate
      • Recognized leader in hail and wind data accuracy
      • To read more about Verisk Climate data, click here to visit their website
    • The other data including wind, temperature, conditions, humidity and dew points are sourced from Forecast IO
      • Forecast IO supplies location specific weather, and climate data to applications such as DarkSky
        • To learn more about Forecast IO's data sources, click here to visit their website
  3. Did you know the Address Search is capable of locating pretty much anything?
    • Check it out! If you don't know a specific address, you can search items such as lakes, counties, cities, monuments, parks, and much more
    • Example Searches:
      • Wilkin County, MN
      • Mille Lacs Lake, MN
      • Itasca State Park, MN

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