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Financial self-service options for you and your insureds

Great news! NAU Country has self-service options for both you and your insureds! Our accessible options in EASYwriter Pro® allow you to view financial documents, policy coverage details, and more. Take advantage of the following services whenever it's convenient for you!


Have you seen our Agency Financial Account Viewer in EASYwriter Pro®?

Convenient access to your insureds billing statements in one location! You can view by crop year - per policy if you like! This is a great way to view a summary of Premium, Indemnity, and if available, *Commission statements.

*Commission statements will appear if user login has permission

How to access the Agency Financial Account Viewer in EASYwriter Pro:

  • Log into EASYwriter Pro.
  • Click on the "Accounting" menu option.
  • Click on "View Financial Account Data - Agency". 
  • Click on the "Accounting" tab, then click on "View Financial Account Data".

All about the Agency Financial Account Viewer!

  • Account Search window with more options.
    • Improvements that will allow you to look up the insured account by Account Number, Statement Number, Policy Number, Account Name, or Account Tax ID.

  • The Account Detail header displays more detail and includes filters.
    • Insured Account Number, Name, Address, Phone, and Email are now available within the viewer.
    • You can filter down to a specific Crop Year or Policy Number.
    • Quick status display shows you the Account Status, the MPCI or Hail Ineligible code (if applicable), Loss Credit Waiver information, and Direct Deposit sign-up.
  • The Summary tab features the MPCI, Livestock, Crop-Hail, and Named Peril premium and indemnity details.
    • In depth details on Premium breakdowns including Gross Premium, Subsidy, Net Premium, Interest, Loss Recovery, and Payment/Loss Credits.
    • Indemnity breakdowns include Total Indemnity, Loss Credits, and Checks Issued.
    • Drill down to the coverage detail by double clicking on any of the policy lines.
    • Links available on calculated totals providing more information. A great example is clicking on the Payments/Loss Credits link, you will get the detail break down between Indemnity Loss Credits and Payments made on the policy.  
    • Commission break-down information for users with the appropriate permissions.
  • The Payment tab supplies the pertinent information you need regarding payments.
    • It displays information including payment Deposit Dates, Postmark Dates, Check Amounts, and Amounts Assigned to the policy.
  • The Indemnity Disbursement tab features all information pertaining to indemnity payments.
    • It informs you on Loss Type, Payment Status, Check/Loss Amount, and the date the Check was authorized.
    • You also can double-click on the Check Issued to view the check that was sent.
  • The Documents tab will display financial documents.
    • Features include the Billing Statement columns including Invoice Number, Statement Date, Amount Due, and Past Due. Plus, the ability to view and print the Billing Statement.
    • We also have a Documents section which allows you to view and print documents including the Crop Hail Premium Advice, MPCI Termination Letter, 1099 Forms, Payment Agreement form, Financial Letter, and many more.

Follow these steps to print off a billing statement:

  • Log in to EASYwriter Pro.
  • Click on the "Accounting" tab, then click on "View Financial Account Data".
  • Within the Account Search window, enter the appropriate information for which you want to search. In this example, we are searching by policy number. Click "Select" for more search options by policy. The Financial Policy Search window will open for you to search and filter by crop year, line of business, or by office, etc.
  • Once your insureds account appears, you will see the following tabs: Summary, Payments Received, Indemnity Disbursements, and Documents.
    Note: Click on any of the hyperlinked items for more information within the Loss Recovery, Payments/Loss Credits, or Credits and Checks Issued columns.
  • To view multiple years, click on the filter drop-down option for “Crop Year”. Select a specific year or all crop years if you like.
  • Then, click on the "Documents" tab.
  • Select the billing statement you would like to print. Double click on the line or select and click on the "Print" icon at the top of the page. 

Access billing statements from NAU Country mobile!

Access billing on the go to share with your insureds. You can view recent and past billing statements as well as account documents and more!


To access an insureds billing statement, follow these steps below:

  • Log into the NAU Country mobile app.
  • Tap on the insured you wish to review.
  • Tap on the policy.
  • Select “Actions”.
  • Tap on “Billing Statements”.
  • Select the billing statement you would like to review.
  • You may save this statement and send as an attachment to your insured via text or email from your smart phone!

Need the NAU Country mobile app?
Download the latest NAU Country mobile app for Android or for iOS.

View your insureds billing statement summaries, debt termination reports, and additional financial documents!

An email notification will be sent to each agency once a billing cycle is complete. Here’s how you can access your insureds billing statement summaries!

Through the Agent Portal:

  • Log into the Agent Portal.
  • Click on the “EASYwriter ONLINE” tab.
  • Select “Financial Information”.
  • Click on the drop-down menu to view a specific year or all years.
  • Select your billing summary statement for a full review.


Note: If your insured paid their bill on the last day of the month, they will receive an auto-generated statement (due to the printing period). Help them avoid receiving an outdated statement by reminding them to pay their bill a week prior to the due date.

Review debt termination reports

The debt termination report can be proactively used for any upcoming debt termination dates your insureds may have. Insureds will appear on the reports 3-4 weeks prior to the upcoming debt termination date. By utilizing this report to flag and follow-up with insureds prior to this date, you’ll assist in avoiding coverage cancellations.

Note: An insured will not appear on the report if an account is paid in full. DebtTermination_ReportParameters

How to access a debt termination report:

  • Log into the Agent Portal or EASYwriter Pro within the current crop year.
  • Locate the debt termination report from the Agent Users Reports section within the Agent Portal or from the Quick Links section within EASYwriter Pro.
  • Select either MPCI or Hail (debt termination report).
  • If accessing through EASYwriter Pro, within the Report Parameters pop up window, set the Termination date to ‘=’.
  • Select the desired date.
  • Fill in any addition parameters.
  • Click “OK”.
  • The report will appear for any insureds with a premium amount due.

How to find the statement of accounts report

The statement of accounts report will provide you with a consolidated report that includes all of your agencies insureds' with a balance due. You may access this report from the Agent Portal or within EASYwriter Pro.

From the Agent Portal:

  • Locate Agent Reports on the ride side of the Agent Portal dashboard under “Agent User Reports”.
  • Select “Statement of Accounts” (MPCI or Hail).
  • Complete various parameters and requirements.
  • Select “Preview”.
  • The report will appear for any insureds with a premium amount due.

From EASYwriter Pro:

  • Click on either the “Accounting” menu tab, then “Statement of Accounts”, or the “Statement of Accounts” from the Quick Links section.
  • Filter by the Type, the Reinsurance Year, and/or the Office from the drop-down menus available.
  • A report will appear immediately for all applicable agencies.
  • Check the agency you would like to review. Select the “Preview Button” on the top of the Agency Statement of Account window.
  • A statement report will generate that details any insured with a premium amount due. This report also includes the Remit Payment information as well as the name of the Agency and Account Information.

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