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Go the extra mile for your policyholders during hail season!

Provide superior service by combining two great NAU Country tools! The Hail Probability report and EASYview Weather are both designed to help you stay informed of hail events that have affected your policyholder’s fields. Individually each tool is effective, but together they help you offer top-notch customer service.

Extra MileHow do I use the tools together?

When you are signed up for Hail Probability reports, you will be notified via email if hail has potentially hit any of your policyholder’s fields that measured at a .50” or greater. Once you have received the notification, simply enter the policy number from the Hail Probability report into our EASYview Weather system. The EASYview Weather system will provide you with a map that shows which fields were potentially affected, what portion of the field was affected, and what size hail hit the field. In addition, you can also see the wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and current weather conditions of the field. Once this information is displayed, you may either print these maps to bring to your policyholder, or follow up with a phone call. Additionally, you could save the map and send it to them electronically. We are sure they will appreciate the notification and the detail!

If you are not currently signed up to receive our Hail Probability notifications, click here to sign up before another storm hits. Opt-in once and you'll be set for succeeding crop years! 

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