Tips and Tricks

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) Quoting

Utilize EASYquote®, the easiest and simplest way to give your policyholders the most accurate information about their WFRP policy, so they are best prepared to cover their farm.

How to quote

Follow these simple step-by-step procedures to generate a WFRP quote:WFRP Crop

  • Log into EASYwriter Pro® with your normal username and password
  • Click "EASYquote" from within the Dashboard
  • Select "MPCI"
  • Key in your Quote Line Attributes
    • Under the "Crop" drop down menu, select "Whole Farm Revenue Protection"
    • Under the "Type" drop down menu, select the tax filer type
  • Enter in all applicable tax information under the Whole Farm History section
    • Enter the applicable MPCI Liability as this will effect the quoted premium
    • Click the green "+" button to add a commodity
    • Key in the Expected Income for each applicable commodity
  • Click "Save" once all required information has been inputted

Available Reports

Once you have your desired quote line(s) keyed in, utilize our Whole Farm Full Farm report to share with your policyholder. Follow the below steps to generate the report:

  • Ensure you are viewing the Full Farm screen
  • Click the Reports drop downWFRP Report
  • Navigate to the Whole Farm Quotes section
  • Click "Whole Farm Full Farm"
  • Select the desired information to be displayed in the Report Options Editor window
    • Please note, checking the "Include Whole Farm Coverage Summary" will display all keyed information
  • Print or Save the report as a PDF

NAU Country takes pride in offering the most innovative and robust quoting program to our agents and their policyholders. Let EASYquote, powered by NAU Country make crop insurance simple.