If your fields could talk, what would they say?

What is Field Insights?

Field Insights is a crop management platform designed to provide you access to the most relevant crop environment conditions for better risk management. It helps you quickly understand crop health at a field level, assists in reducing loss risk, and allows you to be more productive by utilizing field level data like current, future, and historical weather data, growth models, and spray and harvest advising.

Listen to your fields with
Field Insights®

Ever wish you had more time with your family? Time to actually play ball with your kids, fish with your buddies, or take a nap? The farming industry does not allow much time for breaks, but NAU Country’s Field Insights can certainly help you maximize your time, rest easy, and let your fields “speak” to you!

Time is precious. Watch how Field Insights can help you maximize your time!

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  • Radar:
    See what has happened in the past 24 hours, as well as what the estimated forecast looks like for the next 24 hours.
  • Soil Data:
    Review soil information from eighteen individual map overlays to soil composition graph data. Review the types of soil within a field to help scout out new farmland, or gain insight on planting in the future. Map layer options include Soil Map Units, soil moisture and temperatures, available water storage, drainage class, hydric class, erodibility factors, farmland class, hydrologic group, crop production, frost free period, albedo, erosion class, loss tolerance factor, flooding frequency, actual evapotranspiration, palmer drought index, and wetland displays. All available to help you manage risk in the field.
  • Growth Models and Growing Degree Days:
    Field Insights can assist with estimated harvest and spraying dates based on weather data, field information, and planting dates.
  • Harvest Advisor:
    Harvest Advisor looks at the optimum harvest moisture for supported crops along with the user’s target moisture. It then projects the ideal time to harvest.
  • Spray Advisor:
    Spray Advisor provides information to help minimize spray risks and liability, while ensuring product efficacy and crop safety. You set the ideal spray conditions for your field, and the advisor will identify the most ideal spray application window based on environmental conditions.
  • Acreage Reporting:
    Pre-populate your acreage reports with data captured through Field Insights. Additionally, after the planting season, push your acreage report data back into Field Insights.
  • Frost Alerts:
    Provides location specific environmental intelligence to help you plan for preventative actions when frost is in the forecast. Frost Alerting capabilities are part of our focus on sustainable farming. 

Farmer Tools

Mobile Policy Management

Want to manage your policy and claim details while on the go? We work closely with your independent agent to offer you comprehensive policy management tools through our mobile solution and Farmer Portal.

Production and Acreage Reporting

Production and acreage reporting has never been easier! Find out more about NAU Country’s Precision Farming and Acreage Crop Reporting System Initiatives (ACRSI).

Weather Metrics

Assess weather metrics at a field level with NAU Country’s crop management platforms, Field Insights®, EASYview Weather, and Hail Notifications.

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