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Introducing Harvest Advisor

Field Insights Harvest Advisor looks at the optimum harvest moisture for supported crops along with the user’s target moisture. Read more >

Crop insurance must be affordable

The White House has released details of its FY2018 proposed budget, which included steep cuts to crop insurance and other farm policies. Read more >


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Crop insurance financial strength

Our parent company, QBE, is one of the top 20 insurers and reinsurers worldwide. Join us today to benefit from our financial strength! Read more >

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Experience NAU Country Claim Service Experience NAU Country (QBE) claim service
Experience NAU Country (QBE) claim service in a central Florida Citrus Grove in one of the counties largely effected by Hurricane Irma.          
aacinewsFeature_sm AACI Weekly Newsletter - December 8, 2017
Read up on the latest AACI news. Note: AACI content can only be accessed through the Agent Portal. Click on the link to login, and view the AACI Newsletter PDF.
Crop Coverage Demo Iowa cover crop incentive
The Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture announced a new program aimed at increasing acres of cover crops in the state. Iowa farmers who plant cover crops this fall (2017) may be ...
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