QBE NAU saves our agents and farmers time by offering the industry's premier mapping services! EASYmapping®, our complimentary mapping application is the most efficient and user-friendly program available for both agencies and farmers. Agriculture may become more complicated every day, but reporting and tracking crops has never been easier.

Our free EASYmapping service includes an EASYmapping Production/Acreage Reporting Booklet and one EASYmapping Pocket Map every crop year.

If you can farm it, QBE NAU can map it! Contact us today to learn more about our mapping services.

Learn more about the EASYmapping Benefits

Producers can save time with data tracking and reporting while speeding up the claims process for verified harvest and prevented planting acres. Agents can create incentive and build loyalty by providing farmers a unique
value-adding quality mapping service.


We have a variety of EASYmapping products for minimal fees. Choose from Farm Management Map Booklets, Pocket Maps, Wall Maps, Mini Wall Maps. If you can farm it, QBE NAU can map it!

Learn more about the EASYmapping Order Process

Order Process
To map a policy, an agent will need to complete an EASYmapping Submission Form and provide the policy's most recent FSA 578s and aerial maps. Once complete, agents will be able to send this information directly to our QBE NAU Mapping Department.

Learn more about the EASYmapping Entry System

Entry System
QBE NAU offers a Map Based Acreage and Reporting System in EASYwriterPro. We've enhanced our system to be incredibly user-friendly and to provide visual images of how policies are mapped.

Learn more about EASYmapping CIMS & QuickMaps

CIMS & QuickMaps
Does every policy need to be mapped? Yes! Eventually all policies need to be mapped and that's why QBE NAU has CIMS and QuickMaps to assist in the process.

Learn more about EASYmapping Views

Build the custom views your insured are looking for with our self-service, no hassel mapping customizations. Create, modify and sort custom views to make acreage reporting easier and more efficient with EASYmapping Views today!

Learn more about additional EASYmapping Products

Custom Crop Colors 
Tired of trying to determine what crop is in the field based on the color? Custom Crop Colors gives you the ability to customize any row crop, perennial by variety, and/or Non-MPCI crops with any color you like!