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NAU Country Insurance Company Expands Use of Iteris ClearAg for Crop Risk Management

SANTA ANA, Calif. and RAMSEY, Minn. – March 31, 2020 Iteris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, and NAU Country Insurance Company®, a QBE Insurance Company, one of the largest crop insurance providers in the U.S., today announced the expansion of Iteris ClearAg® services to NAU Country’s crop risk management tool, Field Insights™.

NAU Country Insurance Company Expands Use of Iteris ClearAg for Crop Risk ManagementUnder the terms of the software-as-a-service agreement, which has been extended for an additional three years, ClearAg will provide location-specific environmental intelligence to help growers plan for preventative actions as part of future cold weather events. With a shared focus on sustainable farming, ClearAg and NAU Country will this year introduce frost alerting capabilities within Field Insights.

“We are committed to providing our agents with the most advanced digital agriculture tools available to help their farmers stay informed about the impacts of weather and environmental conditions on their fields,” said Michael Deal, chief of technology and marketing at NAU Country. “As one example, the addition of Iteris’ ClearAg frost alerting capabilities will complement the ClearAg Spray Advisor and crop growth stage models to provide our customers with field-level data for even better risk management, especially as it relates to the application of agrochemicals at critical crop growth stages.”

“With access to ClearAg environmental intelligence, NAU Country agents and farmers have access to the most relevant crop environment conditions for better risk management, especially around in-field spray applications,” said Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, vice president and general manager of Agriculture and Weather Analytics at Iteris. “ClearAg solutions strive to reduce crop production challenges for agriculture professionals, and the availability of ClearAg environmental intelligence through NAU Country’s Field Insights platform enables producers to mitigate risk from spray drift and volatilization and minimize crop damage and yield loss.”

Field Insights helps farmers throughout the U.S. to make decisions around sustainable farming practices. The tool offers many components that directly focus on soil health, including erosion class and crop production, water use including the palmer drought index and flooding frequency, and pollution levels including spray advising to eliminate the risk of leaching and over spray.

For more information about accessing ClearAg environmental intelligence through NAU Country’s Field Insights, contact your local NAU Country agent today. If you are not currently affiliated with NAU Country and would like to learn more, visit, or you can call 800-942-6557, or email

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