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Is the Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) right for you?

ECO Historical Computer and sheetNAU Country’s drive and focus to deliver risk management solutions for the American Farmer has led to the development of the new Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO). ECO is an area-based supplemental shallow-loss coverage that covers loss from 86% to 90% or 95%. The endorsement is offered on 31 crops for the 2021 crop year, with expansion planned for 2022.

With this product now available, we want you to know if it's right for you! NAU Country has put a strong focus on our technology tools to assist you in selling this new endorsement. They include the following:

  • Our quoting system, EASYquote®, offers accurate ECO quoting on your insured's policy. Provide your insured with a premium quote detailing their coverage and guarantee, compare various scenarios, and analyze "what if" indemnity loss performance.
  • In the EASYquote Historical Analyzer, review up to 20 years of past historical yields and pricing, analyze historical loss performance by data or charts, and view your insured's Individual APH and how it correlates to county values.
  • NAU Country mobile will offer ECO quoting, and the ability to add ECO when submitting the Application and Change form. These will be released by the end of January.
  • We also provide a surplus of sales tools including an ECO brochure, product overview, ECO Loss Performance Prospect handouts, and radio and print ad templates. 

These tools, in addition to the guidance of our NAU Country Marketing team, will make understanding ECO simplistic.



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