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Supporting Our Farming Communities

Crop insurance is about more than just crops. Crop insurance supports our farmers,Farm Bill Strengthens Crop Insurance farmers feed America, and agriculture supports the economic health of our communities.

Family farmers are the backbone of rural America – 98% of farms are family operations. Crop insurance helps keep these families growing after a disaster, ensuring that they can keep supplying America with an abundant supply of food and fiber.

“Without crop insurance… this farm would not still be here. It would be gone.” – Brian McClam, 7th Generation Farmer

“Crop insurance has become so vital… no matter what happens in this coming crop season, I will have the ability to pay my bills, to keep my workers employed, and to be able to continue this family farm that has been here for over 100 years.” – Brett Anderson, Farmer and Crop Insurance Agent

These family farmers do more than just grow our food. They invest in their communities. Agriculture and its related industries contribute more than $1 trillion annually to our economy, providing more than 21 million jobs, powering small-businesses, and supporting public services.

Crop insurance supports the entire rural economy by providing a strong and secure farm safety net and quickly delivering aid to farmers when they need it.

And what does this cost the federal government? The federal government spends less than a quarter of 1% of its budget on the farm safety net, including crop insurance. Crop insurance is a more than worthwhile investment to ensure America’s farmers can continue providing us all with food and economic opportunity.

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