Advantages of Precision Farming

Precision Farming Technology Systems (PFTS) Definition

PFTS requires the use of technologies, such as a global positioning system (GPS) and geographic information system (GIS) management tools for the purpose of improving crop management. The utilization of systems’ technologies and agronomic principles to manage variability within and between fields and/or over time that is associated with all aspects of agricultural production.

Advantages of Precision Farming

Faster Claim Settlement


Faster Claim Settlement: Your NAU Country adjuster utilizes records directly from your precision equipment, reducing the settlement time of claims.


Convenient: NAU Country claims utilize planting maps, harvest maps, and calibration reports directly from your precision equipment. It also eliminates the need for settlement sheets, load records, or weight tickets to settle claims.


Efficient: Acreage Reporting and Production Reporting made more efficient. PFTS allows the submission of electronic data to your NAU Country agent without having to leave your home or office. Reports will be automatically created for you and your agent to review, approve, and sign.

Precision Accuracy

Precision Accuracy: Claims and/or review information is considered accurate, consistent, and verified for Crop Insurance Records when they follow the prescribed PFTS procedures.

Actual Acreage/Production

Actual Acreage/Production: Precision Crop Reporting uses the accurate data you are already collecting to simplify crop insurance reporting by using data from your precision farming equipment, making your acreage and production reporting easier and claim settlement faster and accurate. Manual records and maps might include FSA non-farmland acres such as ditches and waterways, potentially reducing your APH which can affect a field's coverage level, per-acre guarantee, loss payment, and premiums paid for coverage.
Upload Files with Ease

Upload Files with Ease: Easily upload your files from various planter monitor companies! Upload via cloud connection or from a flash drive directly to NAU Country. These companies include, Climate, AgFiniti, John Deere, and many more.

Precision Farming General Requirements

Minimum requirements consist of:

  • Planter Monitor
  • Combine Monitor
  • Yield Mapping Software
  • Calibration Records

Acceptable Planting Records
AIP approved precision farming technology system automated planter records may be used to separate Optional Units (OU) on center pivots irrigation systems for IRR circles and NIRR corners without discernable breaks in the planting pattern provided the insured can:

  • Document the automated planter monitoring system used
  • Provide the acres planted and practice for each OU
  • Provide production records by OU and practice
  • Provide the required information
  • Provide records of variable rate planting populations if recommended by ag experts

Farm Management Records
Must contain Summary Reports that reflect:

  • Planted Acres
  • Harvested Acres
  • Harvested Production
  • Calibration Reports

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