Take advantage of the highest MPCI coverage possible by supplementing the Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) with our individual-based shallow-loss coverage EASYeco!

EASYeco features 

EASYeco modifies the area-based shallow-loss coverage of ECO into an individual shallow-loss coverage to provide the highest personalized MPCI coverage available to policyholders!

  • Fast and easy to quote.
  • Coverage available on corn and soybeans in select states and counties.
  • Individual-based coverage from 86% up to 90% or 95%.
  • An ECO endorsement must be elected on the MPCI policy.
  • EASYeco interacts with the coverage selected and noted on the EASYeco application:
    • Selecting ECO-YP on the EASYeco application means EASYeco covers yield losses.
    • Selecting ECO-RP or ECO-RP-HPE on the EASYeco covers revenue losses.
  • Affordability can be managed through the indicated ECO Coverage Percent, ECO Protection Factor, and/or EASYeco Liability Adjustment Factor for reduced cost and coverage.
  • EASYeco is exclusive to NAU Country!

EASYeco indemnity considerations:

  • The combined Indemnity of ECO and EASYeco cannot exceed the indicated ECO endorsement liability.
  • If the ECO indemnity is 100% of the liability, there is no indemnity for EASYeco.
  • It is possible to receive an EASYeco indemnity and no ECO indemnity, or vice versa.
  • It is possible to get a partial EASYeco indemnity and a partial ECO indemnity, depending upon RMA’s determined prices, area yield, and individual-based yield.
  • Due to the interaction with ECO, any EASYeco indemnities owed will be paid when the final county yields are available, in the spring or summer of the following year. RMA determines the area yield after processing the crop year production reporting.
  • Applications must be made by the EASYeco Sales Closing Date (SCD) of March 15.
  • The Acreage Reporting Date (ARD) must be signed by the date of the corresponding MPCI policy.

Quoting and processing steps:

Enhance with EASYeco with a few simple steps using NAU Country’s processing partner, eVantage! A passed EASYeco exam is required prior to quoting and applying for the product. Follow the easy step-by-step process below to get started.

  • Log into Agent eVantage at https://www.agentevantage.com.
  • Access the Certify menu option and select “NAU”. Then choose “NAU Exams”.
  • Choose the “Start EASYeco Exam” button at the bottom of the Certification Testing window.
  • After successfully passing the exam, follow the steps below for quoting.
  • Navigate to the Estimators menu option and select “EASYeco”, and then “NAU Real Time Estimator”.
  • Enter the MPCI Policy Basic Information.
  • Select the ECO Plan, ECO Coverage Level, and ECO Protection Factor you want EASYeco to complement, and the Liability Adjustment Factor, to scale down your coverage.
  • Review your estimate details.
  • Print your estimate.
  • Choose to buy your EASYeco policy.

Important dates:

  • EASYeco Sales Closing: March 15.
  • Acreage Reporting: Follows the Acreage Reporting Date for the corresponding MPCI policy.
EASYeco Chart