RPowerD Features

Our supplemental RPowerDTM product gives Revenue Protection policyholders the opportunity for more revenue than insuring with Revenue Protection alone.

RPowerD offers any or all the following benefits:

  • Select the current market price or use the projected price.
  • Elect one or multiple pricing intervals in full or ½ month increments.
  • Protect yourself from fluctuating commodity prices.
  • Guarantee premium to the projected price.
  • Elect Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO)/Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) offset to eliminate overlapping coverage with area-based MPCI endorsements on your individual based RPowerD coverage.
  • Elect 50% to 85% RPowerD coverage with or without the SCO offset.
  • Increase your supplemental revenue (price x yield) coverage up to 95% with or without the SCO/ECO offset dependent on your MPCI coverage and endorsements.
  • Opt out of double coverage on contracted grain.
  • Flexibility of coverage by practice.
  • Cost savings by allowing for a FSA Agricultural Risk Coverage offset.

Key Advantages

The RPowerD sales season spans virtually the entire crop year. Early purchase provides more intervals. More intervals equal the opportunity of greater risk management and as history shows, higher minimum revenue guarantees.

RPowerD can establish a higher net revenue trigger and bushel trigger available to those who buy individual plans of insurance.

Revenue Power Guides