Our goal at NAU Country is to provide fast, accurate, and helpful service during the crop insurance loss process. We have over 780 highly skilled claim professionals spread across the country. You can be assured that local claim professionals are available in your community to provide expertise in adjusting your regional crops. NAU Country provides timely communication, and with the NAU Country mobile app, you can always track the exact status of your loss.

If you need to initiate a crop insurance loss, please contact your NAU Country Agent.

Did You Know

Refer to the information below to simplify and streamline this year's claims process. Together, we’ll help you protect what matters most.

  • On planted crops, a notice of loss must be submitted within 72 hours for production losses (no later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period), 72 hours after the final plant date for prevented planting claims, and 45 days after the price is announced for revenue claims.
  • To utilize non-portable scale records as hard records for production losses, the scale must be calibrated within the last 12 months by an independent third-party, be equipped with a wired or wireless system capable of recording and storing each load, and be capable of producing an electronic record of all loads.
  • There are strict sampling requirements for grain that contains vomitoxin, aflatoxin, fumonisin, or other toxins to be eligible for quality adjustment on your crop insurance claim.
  • The entity name on a policy must match the marketing records to be considered to have a verifiable share in the crop.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance:

RMA requires us to notify you of Quality Assurance processes, please access our Compliance Review page for further information.

Fraud, waste, and abuse

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse:

  • AIPs will be assisting RMA in monitoring crop conditions throughout the growing season.
  • AIPs will refer all suspected cases of fraud, waste, and abuse in Federal crop insurance to RMA.
Crop Specific Loss Adjustment:

Crop Specific Loss Adjustment:

RMA's Loss Adjustment Standards for specific crops can be located here.

We have provided resources below regarding loss guidelines: